NMC NExT Exam Update – Chapter 3 (General Information)

NMC NExT Exam Update – Chapter 3 (General Information)

NMC NExT Exam Update – Chapter 3 (General Information)

July 1, 2023

Chapter 3 of the NExT Exam 2023 update comprises the objective, distribution and level of questions, paper and distribution of subjects, and proposed schedule of both NExT step 1 and 2.


NExT Step 1

  1. Objective

 This step is a computer-based exam with multiple choice questions aimed to ensure objectivity and address a higher level of knowledge assessing the competencies of a medical graduate.

  1. Distribution and knowledge level of Questions
  • Majority of items must assess higher level comprehension, analytical skills, and clinical problem-solving that are in line with competencies to assure evaluation of higher domains of medical learning.
  • The NExT Step 1 style is meant to discourage medical students from rote learning.
  • Case studies and clinical case studies will make up the majority of the test; MCQ questions will be allocated roughly as follows across all subjects:
    • Problem-solving and analytical skill types – 60% – 70%
    • Comprehension type- 20% – 30%
    • Recall type- 05% – 15%
  • The level of knowledge necessary to get skills will be roughly
    • Must Know: 60%
    • Nice to Know: 30%
    • May Know: 10%
  1. Pattern and Distribution of Subjects
  • Six subject papers with corresponding weightage and time allocation will be included in the NExT Step 1 exam.
  • Applied features of all other MBBS subjects, including forensic medicine and toxicology (FMT) as well as community medicine, will be mainstreamed within the pertinent clinical subjects.
  • The subjects are listed below along with their appropriate item weightings and time allotments:
Papers Subjects No. of Items Duration
1 Medicine & allied subjects 120 3.0 hours
2 Surgery & allied subjects 120 3.0 hours
3 Obstetrics & Gynecology 120 3.0 hours
4 Pediatrics 60 1.5 hours
5 Otorhinolaryngology 60 1.5 hours
6 Ophthalmology 60 1.5 hours


  1. Proposed Time Schedule of Papers
Day Subject Duration Break Subject Duration
1 Medicine & allied subjects 3.0 hours 2.0 hours Paediatrics 1.5 hours
2 No Examination
3 Surgery & allied subjects 3.0 hours 2.0 hours Otorhinolaryngology 1.5 hours
4 No Examination
5 Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3.0 hours 2.0 hours Ophthalmology 1.5 hours


NExT Step 2

  1. Objective

This step shall be a clinical/practical examination to be conducted after the successful completion of the internship. The objective of this step is to evaluate the competencies of the medical graduates in clinical diagnosis, patient and clinical decision-making, and practical and communication skills.

  1. Evaluation Methods

The examination will comprise Actual cases, Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), and Simulations if possible.

There will only be two levels of grading available: “Competent” or “Pass”/”Not Competent” or “Fail” depending on the likelihood of satisfactory performance or unsatisfactory performance.

  1. Distribution of Subjects

The following subjects shall be evaluated during NExT Step 2:

  • Medicine and allied subjects
  • Surgery and allied subjects
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR)
  1. Time Schedule

The schedule and modalities of NExT Step 2 shall be decided by the National Medical Commission and the respective authorized Universities/Institutions after completion of the internship and the price of the admission process for the Postgraduate Courses of that year.


Time Schedule of NExT Examination and associated events

Proposed Time Schedule:

S.No. Event Commencement Date of Exam Completion Date
1 NExT Step I Regular May/November 1st week June/December
2 III MBBS /FINAL MBBS PART 2 Practical / Clinical University Examination 1st Week June/December 3rd Week June/December
3 Internship 1st Week January/July



31st December/30th June of the following year
4 NExT Step 2 Regular 3rd Week June/December 4th Week June/December
5 NExT Step 2 Supplementary 1st Week September/March 3rd Week September/March
6 Post Graduate Admission May-June (Counselling)  30th June
7 Postgraduate Course 1st July/1st Week January


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