Ophthalmology MD


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Course features

Ophthalmology MD

Video Lecture: 200 Hours

Ophthalmology MD

Self-Assessment Questions: 1800+

Ophthalmology MD

Notes: 384 Topics

About this course

Dr. N. Venkatesh Prajna, the Chief Editor of Ophthalmology MD has crafted the course along with India’s 55 eminent faculty. He has been teaching and training the postgraduates for national & international platforms. He has served the International Council of Ophthalmology for 20 years and is the founding council member of the Asia Cornea Society. He is also famous for his books – “Peyman’s Principals and Practice of Ophthalmology” & “Aravind FAQs in Ophthalmology”.

The Ophthalmology MD course is a well-curated combination of teachings from top-notch ophthalmologists across the country. The course is a compilation of around 400 topics that are important from an academic, clinical, and surgical point of view. All the topics in the course have been thoughtfully selected keeping in mind frequently asked topics and pain areas of the postgraduate students for which they struggle to find sufficient information.

This course is one of the best PG Ophthalmology courses for students who are aiming to fare well in post-graduation. Components of the course rightfully meet the need of students in the pre-operative workup, helping them to perform surgical skills and even manage post-operative complications. It encourages concept-based and approach-based learning to cater to all the learning needs of the students.

A separate section has been dedicated for exam-going postgraduates with an innovative examination corner. There is a special emphasis on the correct format of the case and history taking and eliciting the correct clinical findings for commonly presented ophthalmic complaints.

It would also be beneficial for practitioners to gain clinical/surgical ophthalmic skills with the help of surgical videos incorporated along with 3D animated sequences of all surgical steps. The in-video demonstration of the various surgeries being performed will give a whole new dimension to the understanding of the concepts.

The lectures are richly illustrated with clinical/surgical and radiological images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, wherever necessary to aid students in developing a thorough overview of each topic, which will also fulfill their examination needs.

Recent evidence-based recommendations have been included for various conditions to acquaint the viewers with recent advancements in the field. The important diagnostic procedures and techniques have been covered in detail along with a drug chart for quick reference by the students with a special focus on drug dosages, adverse effects, and their indications/contraindications.

The Course Includes:

  • Video Lectures: 200 hours of video lecture supported by benchmark/evidence-based studies.
  • Lecture Notes: 384 well-illustrated lecture notes which will act as a ready reckoner for students.
  • Checklist: Ophthalmic checklist including points for clinical evaluation of common ophthalmic conditions.
  • Examination corner: Special section incorporated for exam-going students in the form of OSCE/FAQs/Q&A along with tips and tricks.
  • Self-Assessment Questions: 1800+ MCQs have been included for self-assessment.
  • Interactive Drug Formulary: Detailed drug formulary for commonly used drugs in ophthalmology.
  • Engagement Activities: Monthly Chat Shows, Journal Club, and recent updates included with a panel of eminent faculty.



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