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Course features

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Video Lecture: 54 Hours

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Self-Assessment Questions: 2000+

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Notes: 100 Topics

About this course

Community Medicine for UnderGrads is a unique product that builds the basics while keeping the students updated with all the recent developments in this field. It has been developed and mentored by Dr. Bratati Banerjee, who is the author and editor of well-known titles like ‘DK Taneja’s Health Policies & Programmes in India’ and ‘Mahajan’s Methods in Biostatistics for Medical Students & Research Workers’ and highly qualified academician in the discipline of preventive and social medicine. She has also written titles such as Primary Healthcare in Nursing and Primary Healthcare Concept & Implementation.

Community Medicine for UnderGrads course encompasses 5 sections:

  • Health and its determinants
  • Epidemiology
  • Care of vulnerable population
  • Management in health
  • Practicals

These sections are further divided into 40 topics and 105 sub-topics. The practicals section covers:

  • Family health includes how to study a family and the index case of the family.
  • Spots and Exercises that include spotters from MCH, Nutrition, and Equipment, and exercises on epidemiology and statistics. Primarily, the faculty has discussed the formulae in the exercises section along with the calculation, and relevant topics with numerous examples.

The complete course has been developed as per the CBME (Competency-Based Medical Education) curriculum and provides an integrated approach to studying. This audio-visual synchronized presentation of sessions will help in sustaining the attention and interest of the students in social medicine and community health. The content has been well referenced from standard textbooks and government publications with updated information. The lectures are richly illustrated with relevant images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, to enhance the understanding of the viewers and for quick recall. All topics are accompanied with notes that will act as a ready reckoner for revision of the community medicine course.

At the end of each session, questions with answer keys are provided for self-assessment. The animations in the videos will acquaint the students with commonly asked questions in viva voce and university examinations regarding social medicine and community health; thus, enabling them in studying and preparing PSM simultaneously.

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Community Medicine for UnderGrads is a unique product that builds the basics while keeping the students updated with all the... See More...


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