Pediatrics Online MBBS Course Lectures as per NEET Exam


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Pediatrics for MBBS Students

Video Lecture: 77 hrs

Pediatrics for MBBS Students

Self-Assessment Questions: 1300+ Qs

Pediatrics for MBBS Students

Notes: 80 Topics

About this course

Pediatrics is a short but very interesting subject that greatly involves the science of observation and deduction. These 2 elements play a vital role in forming the foundation of the subject along with subjective knowledge. Often, Pediatrics is not given its due importance and students tend to miss the beauty of this subject. In the new CBME curriculum, where integration of all subjects has been given priority, Pediatrics has found its rightful place amongst all other subjects.

Pediatrics for UnderGrads has been developed and delivered by two of the most dynamic Pediatric specialists, Prof Santosh T Soans and Dr. Soundarya M, who have enriched this course with their passion for this stream. Their 60+ years of rich experience in teaching and practice will simplify the process of understanding the 3 pillars of Pediatrics:

  • Growth and Development
  • Nutrition & Anthropometry
  • Immunization

For those who want to know how to study Pediatrics in MBBS, Pediatrics for UnderGrads will help in building the physiological concepts and provide a foundation for Pediatric pathologies. Designed for self-paced study, the learning sessions explore all aspects of the subject as per the syllabus which makes it one of the best online Pediatric courses. The goal of this course is to provide a down-to-earth blend of time-honored concepts along with the phenomenal explosion of knowledge in modern Pediatrics with special emphasis on the needs in day-to-day practice. The course teaches the students the art of observation and deduction, thereby answering the ‘WHY’ of all the concepts.

Most of the important topics in Pediatrics for MBBS are accompanied by relevant cases to provide a clinical orientation to the subject. Cases have been simplified and explained in a manner so that one learns the technique to arrive at the diagnosis smoothly. The lectures are richly illustrated with clinical, radiological images along with flowcharts tables and boxes, wherever necessary to enhance the understanding of the viewers and for quick recall.

Neonatal examination and systemic examination are dealt with separately to give the students an elaborate overview. Common Pediatric procedures have also been included for skill development and preparing students for clinical settings


Video Lectures: 77 hours of comprehensive video lectures based on various topics provide detailed information along with their clinical applications. This is supplemented with images, graphs, and videos.

Lecture Notes: 80 Concise notes to help the candidates glance through the main points covered during the lectures.

Self-Assessment Questions: Pediatrics MBBS question bank includes 1300+ MCQs given at the end of each lecture, which enables the candidate to assess the extent of their understanding of the topic.



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Arshid Nazir Shah
Reviewed on 04 Jun 2021

Soo nice and pride

Mahak drall
Reviewed on 19 Sep 2021

This website is only for study It is very good website It is very helpful Its for a medical student It is very knowledgeable Its a safe. Not a harmful