Dr. Harsh Mohan Pathology Online MBBS Course as per CBME


1995 2395
1995 2395

Course features

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Video Lecture: 140 Hrs

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Self-Assessment Questions: 3000+

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Notes: 144 Topics

About this course

Pathology for UnderGrads has been developed and mentored by the stalwarts in the field of pathology, Prof. Harsh Mohan, Prof. Ramadas Nayak, and Dr. Debasis Gocchait. Their 100+ years of combined experience in teaching pathology has ensured that the course not only fulfills the learning needs of students but also helps them appreciate the relevance of the subject. Prof. Harsh Mohan’s ‘Textbook of Pathology’ has found an indispensable place in every medico’s bookshelf. Prof. Ramadas Nayak is renowned for his titles- ‘Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology’, ‘Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Pathology’, ‘Rapid Review of Hematology’, and more.

This online Pathology course has been developed as per the recent CBME curriculum. The course caters to medical undergraduates and aids them in preparing for their university exams as well as the NEET exam.

The course covers 5 important sections:

  • General Pathology
  • Hematology
  • Systemic Pathology
  • Clinical Pathology including Cytology in clinical care, Body fluids, and Exfoliative Cytology
  • Practicals in Pathology including gross specimens that are important from an examination point of view.

Relevant case discussions have been provided with each topic to enhance the understanding of the students and provide them with a clinical orientation. A lot of histological and gross images, as well as specimens, have been added which will allow the students to correlate well. For every topic, theoretical aspects with practical points are provided along with important questions for university exams, PG entrance, and viva voce that are highlighted in the video.

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Pathology for UnderGrads has been developed and mentored by the stalwarts in the field of pathology, Prof. Harsh Mohan, Prof.... See More...



What is the best way to study Pathology?

Refer to Prof. Harsh Mohan’s ‘Textbook of Pathology’. Attend lectures regularly and never miss practical sessions. Seek assistance from seniors and teachers to know how to attempt questions. Take notes regularly and refer to them while revising. Also, practice MCQs and previous years’ question papers to know the exam pattern and important topics. Develop a clinical understanding with the help of relevant case discussions. You can also access trusted content online for in-depth learning and attempt mock tests to ace exams.

Is Pathology required for NEET PG?

Yes, it is necessary to study every subject taught in MBBS for NEET PG Exam including Pathology. You need to have a solid foundation in each subject to crack NEET PG and pursue post-graduation. The subject has a high weightage in the entrance exam and hence, it is extremely important to clear every concept properly.

What is Pathology all about?

Pathology is a 2nd prof subject in MBBS that deals with the study of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. An MBBS student studying pathology learns about cell injury, cell inflammation, repair, and many diseases and disorders. It starts with simple illnesses like dysentery and fungal infections and progresses to major and life-threatening illnesses including AIDS, rheumatic heart disease, cancers, and herpes. Pathology holds great significance in examining the cause, and origin nature of diseases. It has various sub-disciplines such as Cytopathology, Forensic Pathology, Molecular Pathology, Clinical Pathology, etc.

How to score high in Pathology during MBBS?

Scoring high is not so difficult if you like to study Pathology; you just need a strategy to learn and prepare for the exams. You can refer to highly recommended books such as Harsh Mohan’s ‘Textbook of Pathology’ to get conceptual clarity. Make notes to learn the most difficult topics concisely and easily, and solve MCQs and previous years’ question papers. Take help from seniors and teachers in case of doubts. You can watch online video lectures and case studies to understand concepts in depth. Make mnemonics to memorize well. Focus more on the high-weightage modules to score high in exams.

How are Pathology video lectures helpful in learning?

Video lectures assist in audio and visual memory. Lectures including clinical case discussions help to gather multiple perspectives and thus enhance one’s knowledge. Practical learning experience through 3D graphics maximizes retention. Easy access to learning anytime, anywhere, and guidance from top faculty are major advantages of learning pathology online.

Which book should I refer to for Pathology?

When it comes to the best pathology book for MBBS students, you can blindly refer to Harsh Mohan’s ‘Textbook of Pathology’. Another author whose books you can refer to for conceptual clarity in Pathology is Prof. Ramadas Nayak. His books ‘Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology’, ‘Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Pathology’, and ‘Rapid Review of Hematology’ are some of the most well-known titles.


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