Dr. Archith Boloor Medicine Online Course as per NEET PG Exam


1995 2395
1995 2395

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Video Lecture: 119 hrs

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Self-Assessment Questions: 2600+ Qs

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Notes: 124 Topics

About this course

Medicine for UnderGrads has been developed and mentored by Dr. Archith Boloor, who is one of the most eminent teachers in the field of medicine. His books ‘Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates: Medicine’ & ‘An Insider’s Guide to Clinical Medicine’ have already created an indispensable place on the shelves of most medical undergraduates, because of his unique way of simplifying concepts. He has incorporated the same approach in the lectures as well.

The recent changes in the CBME curriculum have placed focus on integrating all subjects along with strengthening the procedural skills of the students. Case-based learning has been given paramount importance in CBME and even the question pattern to be asked in the exams is casebased. This unique approach to studying the subject has been well-integrated into the lectures.

This course will help the students in building their concepts in:

  • Reviewing the medical history
  • Performing clinical examination
  • Understand the management plan for various diseases

The theoretical concepts pertinent to various conditions are presented system-wise/specialty wise along with relevant case discussions in order to reinforce the learning objectives of this course. As case taking and clinical examination form the basis of the practice of medicine, a specific section has been dedicated to the discussion of the basics of system-wise examination. This will prepare the students for clinical settings. Case sheet formats and diagnosis formats are explained with examples to ease the process for the students. The basics of ECG and X-rays have been thoroughly explained with case discussions and identification points for various pathologies that can be assessed with these investigations.

The lectures will help to imprint high-yield topics by understanding them at their core, preparing the students for NEET, USMLE, PLAB or any post-graduate exam.

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Medicine for UnderGrads has been developed and mentored by Dr. Archith Boloor, who is one of the most eminent teachers... See More...


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