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DigiNerve is an EdTech initiative by Jaypee Brothers, a pioneer and market leader in health science publishing with a legacy spanning over 5 decades. It aims to provide high quality content to improve concept-building, acquire clinical skills & crack exams by top-class faculty, accessible anytime, anywhere.
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Our Courses


Dr Aswath Kumar

Dermatology MD

Dr Rashmi Sarkar Dr S. Sacchidanand

Ophthalmology MD

Dr N. Venkatesh Prajna


Dr. Piyush Gupta

Basic Sciences Combo

Dr Apurba S Sastry Dr Deepashree R Dr Sandhya Bhat Prof Harsh Mohan

Clinical Combo

Dr Archith Boloor Dr K Srinivas Dr Santosh T Soans Dr Vivek Pandey

Medicine MD

Jyotirmoy Pal Shashank R Joshi

Cracking MRCP Part 1

Dr Gurpreet Singh Wander Dr Archith Boloor

Critical Care Simplified

Dr Yatin Mehta Dr Subhal Dixit Dr Kapil G. Zirpe

Organ Donation Simplified

Dr Kapil G. Zirpe Dr Rahul Pandit

Surgery for UnderGrads

Dr Sriram Bhat M

Pediatrics for UnderGrads

Dr Santosh T Soans Dr Soundarya Mahalingam

Pathology for UnderGrads

Prof Harsh Mohan Prof Ramadas Nayak Dr Debasis Gochhait

Pharmacology for UnderGrads

Dr Sandeep Kaushal Dr Nirmal George

Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Simplified

Dr Rasya Dixit Dr Urmila Nischal Dr K. C Nischal

Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy

Dr Sonal Panchal Dr Chaitanya Nagori

Basics of Infertility & IUI Made Easy

Dr Chaitanya Nagori Dr Sonal Panchal

OBGYN for UnderGrads

Dr K Srinivas

Surgery MS

Prof. Dr. Nilay Mandal

Advance Course in Ultrasound and Infertility

Dr Sonal Panchal Dr Chaitanya Nagori

Medicine for UnderGrads

Dr Archith Boloor

Ganga Videos on Spine Surgery

Prof Rajasekaran Shanmuganathan Dr Ajoy Prasad Shetty Dr Rishi Mukesh Kanna

Microbiology for UnderGrads

Dr Apurba S Sastry Dr Sandhya Bhat Dr Deepashree R

Ophthalmology for UnderGrads

Dr Parul Ichhpujani Dr Talvir Sidhu

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