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About this course

Pediatrics is a specialty that is concerned with the health of infants, children, and teenagers. What makes Pediatrics a challenging field is that one has to deal with infants and children primarily, who cannot express properly what they are experiencing, and thus has to rely a lot on one’s own wit and wisdom to diagnose and cure the patients. Apart from this, another major challenge is the extremely busy schedule of the postgraduate students in the hospitals which makes it difficult for them to invest their time and efforts to go through the voluminous texts and stay updated with recent developments regularly.

Pediatrics MD is a truly remarkable course mentored by the Chief Editor- Dr. Piyush Gupta, the author of best-selling “PG Textbook of Pediatrics”. What makes this online Pediatrics course one of its kind is that it has been conceptualized and taught by India’s top 140 faculty with over 500 years of collective experience and expertise.

All the topics in the Pediatrics MD Course have been thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the pain areas of the postgraduate students for which they struggle to find sufficient information. The course encourages concept-based and approach-based learning to cater to all the learning needs of the students while they are pursuing their masters in Pediatrics. The concepts have been supported with benchmark/evidence-based studies. The cases have been discussed in detail with special emphasis on the clinical findings and complete work up on how to arrive at the right diagnosis. The investigations like ECGs, echocardiography, and other reports, etc. have been discussed as well to brush up on the concepts of students. Systemic examination has been presented as integrated videos within the lectures as well as live demonstrations.

Neurology is one of the most frequently asked sections in the PG examination. Therefore, around 20% of the course has been dedicated to this specialty where the faculty has taken a structured approach to simplify the concepts for the students. This Pediatrics MD Course is one of the best online pediatrics postgraduate courses as the latest society guidelines have been incorporated in each topic. As research forms a very important part of the PG curriculum, a whole module has been dedicated to guiding the students with a step-by-step approach towards the same. Interactive Drug formulary has been provided in the course to help the students gain quick access to various drugs during their ward rounds. Important indications, contraindications, dosages, and common brand names have been included in this for all the major drugs. Regular engagement activities like Chat Shows, Journal Club, and recent updates are a part of the course.

The Course Includes:

  • Video Lectures: 175+ hours of video lecture supported by benchmark/evidence-based studies.
  • Topics Covered: This course includes well-illustrated 220+ topics in videos and notes which will act as a ready reckoner for students. Each topic is supplemented with evidence-based research studies mentioned at the end.
  • Clinical Case-Based Discussion: Ample case discussions have been included in each topic to provide a clinical orientation to the students.
  • Self-Assessment Questions: 1520+ MCQs have been included for self-assessment.
  • Benchmark Trials: 390+ evidence-based studies/benchmark trials have been added to remain updated with recent advances in the field.
  • Interactive Drug Formulary: Detailed drug formulary included with important indications, contraindications, dosages, and common brand names.
  • Engagement Activities: Regular Chat Shows, Journal Club, and recent updates included as monthly engagement activities with a panel comprising Prof. Piyush Gupta and an expert in the field.
  • Dr. Wise (AI Chatbot): The chatbot clarifies theoretical as well as practical concepts with the help of AI. It is a comprehensive and interactive solution provider integrated with authentic published resources like books, journals, notes, and videos to offer apt explanations of concepts, treatment modes and more.
  • Printed Notes: Concise notes are designed to save time by providing exam-focused, crisp details along with visual learning at an affordable price. The notes also comprise previous years' questions and ensure comprehensive coverage in minimum time. Existing users can purchase the printed notes @5,495 from here.

3 Days Money Back Guarantee available T&Cs apply.

Pediatrics is a specialty that is concerned with the health of infants, children, and teenagers. What makes Pediatrics a challenging... See More...



Is Pediatrics a promising field to specialize in?

Pediatrics is a highly booming and promising field to specialize in, especially for the one who loves to deal with children. Pediatrics is an in-demand field and has greater scope for skilled professionals as there is an increase in a number of healthcare units and a huge concern to decrease the infant mortality rate in India. A pediatrician's career provides them the chance to carefully examine basic to complicated clinical issues in children and equips them to deal with medical problems.

What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing PG in Pediatrics?

The minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing PG in Pediatrics is the completion of an MBBS degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate along with the successful completion of one-year rotational internship. Additionally, you must crack the NEET-PG or INI-CET entrance examination with a competitive score to get admission to the postgraduate courses.

How many seats are available for MD Pediatrics in India?

There are approximately 3281 MD Pediatrics seats in India. Admission to all these seats is done through INI-CET or NEET-PG entrance examination.

What is the salary range for an MD Pediatrician in India?

Pediatrics is a growing and extremely lucrative area of medicine. A Pediatrician's salary in India typically ranges from 10-15 lakh per year at first, which escalates based on numerous criteria and the level of expertise. Geographical location, place of employment (whether in the public or private sector), experience level, specialization, healthcare organization, and other variables all have an impact on the pay scales of a pediatrician.

What career paths can one pursue after completing an MD in Pediatrics?

There is a wide range of career paths after completing MD in Pediatrics in India, for example, becoming Pediatrician at any government or private healthcare facility, Researcher at any research institute or pharmaceutical, Academician along with practicing as a Pediatrician, or can also pursue a super specialization in any Pediatrics specialty such as Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Hematology, Pediatric Neurology and more. The job profiles associated with these include Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Pediatric Intensivist, Clinical Research Associate, Lecturer/Professor, Medical Writer, Pediatric Oncologist, etc.

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