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14995 17995

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Video Lecture: 140+ Hrs

Benchmark Trials: 335+

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Self-Assessment Questions: 1725+

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Topics in Videos & Notes: 185+

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DxTx: 145+

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OSCEs: 150+

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About this course

Dr. Aswath Kumar Raghu, the Chief Editor of OBGYN MD has crafted the course along with 98 eminent faculty. He is one of the leading practitioners and faculty affiliated with Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute. He is also famous for his book – “Exploring New Horizons in Obstetrics and Gynecology” (What to do next after MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology?).

OBGYN MD course has been conceptualized based on the NMC Curriculum and the last 20 years’ question papers across various universities to aid PG students while preparing for university examinations. This course is one of the best postgraduate courses in OBGYN for students who are aiming for a master's in gynecology / master’s in obstetrics. It encourages concept-based and approach-based learning to cater to all the learning needs of the students. It encompasses important topics in obstetrics and gynecology along with case discussions on frequently encountered as well as atypical cases in clinical practice. All the topics in the course have been thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the pain areas of the postgraduate students for which they struggle to find sufficient information as well as frequently asked topics.

The case presentations have been done as an open discussion between the concerned faculty and the students who are pursuing PG in gynecology and obstetrics. There is special emphasis on the correct format of case and history taking and eliciting the correct clinical findings. The faculty and student discussion has been done in a way to help the viewers to approach a case with appropriate differential diagnosis and work up a way to correct diagnosis. Recent evidence-based recommendations have been included for the management of various conditions to acquaint the viewers with recent advancements in the field.

A special section has been dedicated to the demonstration of Minimum Invasive Surgeries like hysteroscopy, diagnostic/operative laparoscopy. This will provide a practical orientation to the study of the subject. Students will be thrilled with the lecture on Robotic laparoscopic surgery focusing on its relevance, application, and implications in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and how it is a boon from a future perspective. The in-video demonstration of the various surgeries being performed will give a whole new dimension to the understanding of the concepts.

Lectures on the management of labor, abnormal labor, abnormal presentations, and medical disorders in pregnancy will enrich the practical application of concepts for the students as well as provide them a roadmap on how to manage these conditions effectively. The important diagnostic procedures/techniques have been covered in detail like ultrasound in the antenatal examination as well as its utility in gynecology. A detailed drug chart has been provided for quick reference by the students with a special focus on drugs dosages and their indications/contraindications in pregnancy and labor.

The lectures are richly illustrated with clinical and radiological images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, wherever necessary to aid students in developing a thorough overview of each topic, which will also fulfill their examination needs.

The Course Includes:

    • Video Lectures: 140+ hours of video lecture supported with benchmark/evidence-based studies.
    • Lecture Notes: This course includes well-illustrated 185+ lecture notes which will act as a ready reckoner for students.
    • Clinical Case-Based Discussion: Ample case discussions have been included to provide a clinical orientation to the students.
    • Self-Assessment Questions: 1725+ MCQs have been included for self-assessment.
    • Interactive Drug Formulary: Detailed drug formulary including safety during pregnancy and lactation.
    • OSCEs: 150+ OSCEs provide a standardized and objective method of assessing a postgrad's clinical skills and competencies.
    • DxTx: A unique tool comprising 145+ topics for quick consultation. This unique feature allows you to explore critical information in a click. You can learn about the various diseases with clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, recent advances and clinical trials in a structured format.
    • Engagement Activities: Regular Chat Shows and Journal Clubs for discussion of important topics with a panel of eminent faculty.
    • Dr. Wise (AI Chatbot): The chatbot clarifies theoretical as well as practical concepts with the help of AI. It is a comprehensive and interactive solution provider integrated with authentic published resources like books, journals, notes, and videos to offer apt explanations of concepts, treatment modes and more.
    • Printed Notes: Concise notes are designed to save time by providing exam-focused, crisp details along with visual learning at an affordable price. The notes also comprise previous years' questions and ensure comprehensive coverage in minimum time. Existing users can purchase the printed notes @3,499 from here.

3 Days Money Back Guarantee available T&Cs apply.

Dr. Aswath Kumar Raghu, the Chief Editor of OBGYN MD has crafted the course along with 98 eminent faculty. He... See More...


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