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Course features

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Video Lecture: 668 Hrs

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Self-Assessment Questions: 14500+

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Notes: 713 Topics

About this course

Medicine, Surgery, OBGYN, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Community Medicine, Pediatrics and Forensic Medicine & Toxicology together form the basis of clinical medicine. Thorough knowledge of these subjects enables medical students to correctly apply their knowledge in clinical settings. Therefore, it becomes vital that no compromises are made in the conceptual understanding of these subjects. With the integrated mode of study as encouraged by the CBME curriculum, studying these subjects in relevance to each other is essential.

This clinical combo of courses, Medicine for UnderGrads, Surgery for UnderGrads, OBGYN for UnderGrads, Orthopaedics for UnderGrads, Ophthalmology for UnderGrads, Community Medicine for UnderGrads, Pediatrics for UnderGrads and Forensic Medicine & Toxicology for UnderGrads has been developed to meet the changing and growing needs of the medical students. All the courses have been developed and mentored by the stalwarts of the respective fields who are not only renowned authors but also considered as the best faculty in the country. The courses follow a case-based approach where relevant case discussions have been included to provide clinical orientation. Some of the important procedures have also been demonstrated by the faculty with special emphasis on medical preparation and clinical examination to prepare students not only for their university exams but for real-time clinical settings as well. The faculty has emphasized upon the correct formats of history taking and clinical examination under each specialty, which will be found extremely useful by the students. The animations in the videos will acquaint the students with commonly asked questions in viva voice, university examinations, medical entrance exams, NEXT Exam MBBS, NEET PG Entrance Exam, and PGME entrance exams; thus, enabling them in studying and preparing simultaneously.

This combo course includes:

Video Lectures:

  • Medicine for UnderGrads: 119 hours
  • Surgery for UnderGrads: 220 hours
  • OBGYN for UnderGrads: 91 hours
  • Orthopaedics for UnderGrads: 50 hours
  • Pediatrics for UnderGrads: 77 hours
  • Ophthalmology for UnderGrads: 21 hours
  • Community Medicine for UnderGrads: 54 hours
  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology for UnderGrads: 36 hours

Lecture Notes:

  • Medicine for UnderGrads: 124 lecture notes
  • Surgery for UnderGrads: 161 lecture notes
  • OBGYN for UnderGrads: 104 lecture notes
  • Orthopaedics for UnderGrads: 51 lecture notes
  • Pediatrics for UnderGrads: 80 lecture notes
  • Ophthalmology for UnderGrads: 33 lecture notes
  • Community Medicine for UnderGrads: 100 lecture notes
  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology for UnderGrads: 60 lecture notes

Clinical Case-Based Discussion: The lectures discuss various Practical case scenarios which are not usually given in textbooks.

Self-Assessment Questions:

  • Medicine for UnderGrads: 2600+ MCQs
  • Surgery for UnderGrads: 2500+ MCQs
  • OBGYN for UnderGrads: 2500+ MCQs
  • Orthopaedics for UnderGrads: 1200+ MCQs
  • Pediatrics for UnderGrads: 1300+ MCQs
  • Ophthalmology for UnderGrads: 1000+ MCQs
  • Community Medicine for UnderGrads: 2000+ MCQs
  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology for UnderGrads: 1400+ MCQs
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Medicine, Surgery, OBGYN, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Community Medicine, Pediatrics and Forensic Medicine & Toxicology together form the basis of clinical medicine.... See More...