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The comprehensive course Microbiology for UnderGrads is designed by Dr. Apurba Sastry, the renowned author of “Essentials of Medical Microbiology”, Dr. Sandhya Bhat and Dr. Deepashree R based on infective syndromes in accordance with the latest CBME curriculum. The course is divided into 2 parts- (I) General Microbiology, Immunology and Hospital Infection Control and (II) Systemic Microbiology. It helps in building a sound platform for undergraduate theory and practical skills. The lectures follow a case-based approach supported by a discussion of topics that obviates the need of referring to multiple books. The lectures are richly illustrated including clinical, radiological, histological, and gross images along with flowcharts tables and boxes for easy understanding and quick recall. The lecture also discusses various Practical case scenarios which are not usually given in textbooks. A series of commonly asked short and long answer questions are also covered. Furthermore, it covers all the basic aspects in order to help PGMEE aspirants to refresh and revise their knowledge to integrate with their advanced postgraduate course requirements.
The comprehensive course Microbiology for UnderGrads is designed by Dr. Apurba Sastry, the renowned author of “Essentials of Medical Microbiology”,... See More...



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Reviewed on 24 Mar 2021

Organised and well-defined content. Liked it and would recommend it to others

Reviewed on 02 Apr 2021

The course material is extremely helpful and relevant according to the exams. Dr. Apurba Sastry makes Microbiology very easy.

Reviewed on 02 Apr 2021

The course is the best Microbiology course for Undergrads. Dr. Apurba Sastry makes even complicated topics easy.

Vaishnavi Mane
Reviewed on 13 Apr 2021

Free trail

Reviewed on 18 Apr 2021

Very useful excellent

Anuj Gohad
Reviewed on 27 Apr 2021

Very nice

Reviewed on 04 May 2021

This is good platform for undergraduate students. From exam point of view it is very helpful for students.

Yam bist
Reviewed on 04 May 2021

This course is very good for undergraduate as per Mci curriculum

S Tupe
Reviewed on 04 May 2021

Very app for mbbs students

Deepak Jadhav
Reviewed on 04 May 2021

Sastry Sir's video lectures and notes are very useful. It's awesome.

Bharat thule
Reviewed on 04 May 2021

Very Nice app this courses complete for studies for microbiology subject

Reviewed on 04 May 2021

Excellent App with student friendly presentation

Reviewed on 14 May 2021

Beautifully explanation in detail👍

chandan pareek
Reviewed on 15 May 2021

Best content

Saraswathy M
Reviewed on 20 May 2021

Clear cut concepts... thanks for these videos..in this pandemic

Reviewed on 03 Jun 2021

It is a great opportunity to have the classes of the authors of our textbooks . And the notes is very helpful. And practice question afer each lecture help us to assess ourselves. Thank you Diginerve

Rajani bairwa
Reviewed on 06 Jun 2021

This is ussfull

Reviewed on 22 Jun 2021

Best app 👍n systemic approach for microbiology...makes it..... very easy to learn 👍👍👍👍

Vaishnavi Wani
Reviewed on 19 Jul 2021

Worth buying the course.

Kriti chaudhary
Reviewed on 21 Sep 2021

I want to join this cls ..it's very helpful for microbiology

Reviewed on 13 Mar 2022

Excellent video lecture and notes for microbiology according to New curriculum cbme based.