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1995 2395
1995 2395

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Video Lecture: 220 Hrs

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Self-Assessment Questions: 2500+

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Notes: 161 Topics

About this course

Surgery for UnderGrads is a comprehensive course that acts as a one-stop solution to meet all study requirements of undergraduate students. This course has been developed and delivered by the best surgery faculty and one of the most eminent authors- Dr. Sriram Bhat, who is renowned for his book “SRB’s Manual of Surgery”. The primary goal of the course is to ultimately lead a student to adhere to observation, the skill of deduction and knowledge, and the practical application of complete learning. The course helps to build a strong foundation by working on the fundamentals of the subject. This makes it one of the best surgery courses for medical students. The course is divided into 3 sections:

  • General Surgery
  • Systemic & Specialty Surgery
  • Clinics in Surgery including history taking, physical examination, instruments, investigations, and aspects of operative surgery.

The prime importance throughout the course has been put on clinical examination as well as differential diagnosis. This will help in building the critical understanding of the student to accurately evaluate, diagnose and manage the patient. The faculty has demonstrated physical and clinical examination in real-time clinical settings to help students develop the art of examination and master how to arrive at a differential diagnosis. Surgical anatomy is an important aspect of operative surgery, and it has been included with most of the structures and systems to give the students a comprehensive overview.

A special section has been dedicated to surgical instruments and X-rays to acquaint the students with their knowledge and application. Moreover, they form an integral part of the clinical exams and thus, serve as an important tool for last-minute revision before the final clinical exams. For every topic, theoretical aspects with practical points for operative surgeries have been provided along with important questions for university exams, PG entrance exams, and viva voce.

This online surgery course not only fulfills the learning needs of medical undergraduate students but also first-year postgraduate students.

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Surgery for UnderGrads is a comprehensive course that acts as a one-stop solution to meet all study requirements of undergraduate... See More...



What is MS in general surgery?

MS (Master of Surgery) is a postgraduate degree that requires students to complete their MBBS degree before beginning their MS studies. The Medical Council of India (MCI) is in charge of postgraduate medical education in India, which is mandatory to become a surgeon.

Which book is best to study surgery for medical students?

'SRB's Manual of Surgery' is the most popular book amongst MBBS students. It includes the latest concepts of treatment and staging of malignancies. Surgical anatomy has been included wherever necessary. The book contains all the important chapters on general surgery, and the common conditions have been dealt with in detail. The language and writing style is simple to read and recall, and the supporting diagrams and images are easy to memorize—a crucial combination for a student confronting theory and practical exams. This book will be a go-to resource for all surgical difficulties.

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