Orthopaedics course


50 hours of video watching

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Course features

Video Lecture: 50

Self-Assessment Questions: 1200+ Qs

Notes: 51 Topics

About this course

The Orthopaedic course is a comprehensive knowledge-based course that helps in building a sound platform for undergraduate theory and practical skills. The course content has been divided into two parts; Cold Orthopaedics and Traumatology for easy understanding of the subject. The course also provides a perfect foundation for postgraduate entrance examination. Every lecture has a clinical approach-based discussion of a topic; also discusses various Practical case scenarios which are not usually given in textbooks. Clinical examinations and Procedure videos are the highlight of this course. Lectures on X-rays, implants and instruments, and commonly performed procedure serves as a highly useful resource for practical examination. The lectures are richly illustrated including clinical, radiological, gross images along with flowcharts tables and boxes for easy understanding and quick recall and to help students understand the nuances of entire orthopaedics in precise manner.

The course in the long run exposes the students to various diagnostic and therapeutic skills necessary through various stages of practical exposure.

Furthermore, it covers all the basic aspects in order to help first-year postgraduates in orthopaedics surgery to refresh and revise their knowledge and to integrate with their advanced postgraduate course requirements.


Video Lectures: 50 hours video lecture series bring an edge to the course.

Lecture Notes: 51 lecture notes with simple-advanced-case vignettes.

Clinical case-based discussionThe lecture discusses various Practical case scenarios which are not usually given in textbooks.

Self-Assessment Questions: A series of 1200+ practice questions with precise lecture notes.



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Reviewed on 23 Mar 2021

I'm very lecture-oriented, and this is the perfect pace.

Reviewed on 02 Apr 2021

The lectures and notes were very helpful to comprehend difficult topics as well.