Combo – Microbiology + Pathology + Clinics


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4999 5899

Course features

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Video Lecture: 452 Hours

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Self-Assessment Questions: 9400+ Qs

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Notes: 296+ Topics

About this course

Microbiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology are introduced in the second professional year of MBBS. While Pathology introduces us to the causes, pathogenesis, morphologic changes, and clinical manifestations of various diseases, Microbiology exposes us to the world of disease-causing microbes and how they impact the human body. Thus, microbiology forms an integral part of pathology. Pharmacology on the other hand deals with the mechanism of actions, drug side effects, drug interactions, and much more. The new CBME (Competency-Based Medical Education) curriculum has changed the way these subjects were studied and helps in synchronizing the study of these subjects together.

Microbiology for UnderGrads, Pathology for UnderGrads & Pharmacology for UnderGrads have been developed and mentored by the most renowned authors and teachers across the country. The courses have been enriched with their knowledge and experience which will help in fulfilling the study needs of the students. All the topics are arranged in a sequential hierarchy to fulfil the learning needs of students and help them in concept-building. The lectures follow a case-based approach supported by a discussion of topics that obviates the need of referring to multiple books. The lectures are richly illustrated including clinical, radiological, histological, and gross images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes for easy understanding and quick recall.

Clinical examination and history taking form the basis of medicine as a field. To give you a quick overview and help you in strengthening your concepts and skills, Clinics for UnderGrads has been introduced with this combo pack. It covers demonstration videos of clinical examinations performed in Medicine, Surgery, Obs and Gyne, and Pediatrics. Also, correct case formats for history taking have been provided to equip the students well. The course also exposes the students to correct ECG interpretations, important X-rays and other examinations, and instruments.

The Combo Course includes:

Video Lectures: 150 hours of video lecture in Microbiology for UnderGrads, 140 hours of comprehensive video lecture in Pathology for UnderGrads, & 58 hours of video lecture in Pharmacology for UnderGrads. Also includes additional 104 hours of clinically relevant examination and conceptual videos in Clinics for UnderGrads.

Lecture Notes: 81 lecture notes in Microbiology for UnderGrads, 144 lecture notes in Pathology for UnderGrads, & 71 lecture notes in Pharmacology for UnderGrads have been provided to help the students glance through the main points covered during the lectures.

Self-Assessment Questions: 4000 MCQs in Microbiology for UnderGrads, 3000+ MCQs in Pathology for UnderGrads & 2400+ MCQs in Pharmacology for UnderGrads enable the students to self-assess the extent of their understanding of topics.

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Microbiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology are introduced in the second professional year of MBBS. While Pathology introduces us to the causes,... See More...