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Course features

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Video Lecture: 65+ Hours

Benchmark Trials: 280+

Cracking MRCOG 2 Our Courses Banner

Mock Exam: 7 sets - 14 papers - 1400 questions

Cracking MRCOG 2 Our Courses Banner

Self-Assessment Questions: 2750+ SBAs and EMQs

Cracking MRCOG 2 Our Courses Banner

Review Questions/HYQ: 1600+

Cracking MRCOG 2 Our Courses Banner

Topics in Videos & Notes: 35+ Topics

Cracking MRCOG 2 Our Courses Banner

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GTG Guidelines

GTG Guidelines

About this course

MRCOG (Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) is a degree with international recognition and is considered a gold standard qualification for those who want to obtain a higher level of competency in their chosen medical specialty The membership is awarded after a three-part assessment/examination done by the college.

Our platform offers well-curated courses for all three parts of the MRCOG exam that enables you to pass the exam in one go. This course is the most trusted for those who are aiming to pass the exam with ease and confidence. Components of the course rightfully meet the need of students and provide an additional level of satisfaction amongst the attempting candidates. It encourages concept-based learning to cater to all the learning needs of the students.

The eminent faculty, Dr. Richa Saxena, an Obstetrician Gynecologist with 1.5 decades of academic experience, has crafted online courses for all three Parts of MRCOG to help and assist aspiring doctors to clear the exam in ONE GO. Dr. Richa Saxena is the esteemed author of the bestselling book for MRCOG – 1, MRCOG – 2, and OSCEs in Obstetrics and Gynecology for MRCOG – 3. Besides being a prolific author of more than a dozen medical books for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, she is an excellent teacher, revolutionary thinker, exceptional doctor & an ardent promotor of women’s health – “Let’s talk woman’s health” is her initiative dedicated to Empowering and Enlightening women through Education, and E-consultation. She is the recipient of the Rotary Vocational Excellence award (2017-2018) for her exemplary service in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has also received the “Woman of Substance Award” (category healthcare) for the year 2022.

MRCOG Part 2 course covering 2600+ questions (SBAs and EMQs) as per RCOG curriculum and extensive video hours (60+ hrs) is a perfect combination of online teaching with a printed course manual/book authored by Dr. Richa Saxena for building a concrete base. The course is a compilation of 20 modules divided into multiple topics as per the RCOG syllabus. All the topics in the course have been thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the pain areas of appearing students as well as the most loved topics of examiners. Explanations of answers are richly illustrated with clinical/surgical and radiological images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, wherever necessary to aid students in developing a thorough overview of each topic, which will also fulfill their examination needs.

We have also incorporated 44 hours of video lectures discussing 1300+ important questions inspired by last years’ papers and 22+ hrs of summary of The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG) articles, delivering you a concise version of everything that you need to go through.

It would also be beneficial for students to be updated with the new advances and management guidelines, important topics that require enough emphasis, and most importantly how to approach questions. Our mentor, Dr. Richa Saxena understands that need very well, therefore she takes regular webinars and interacts with the students.


      The Course Includes:

    • Topic-wise Practice Assessment Questions : 2600+ SBAs and EMQs have been included for practice, segregated in multiple topics as per the RCOG curriculum.
    • Video Lectures : 126 hours of concept-based video lectures supported with RCOG and UK guidelines.
    • Discussion of Important Questions : 32 videos with 44 hours of discussion of 1300+ questions (SBAs and EMQs) as per the RCOG curriculum, covering questions from 2018 till present.
    • TOGs (The Obstetrician & Gynecologist) : Summary of important TOGs (The Obstetrician & Gynecologist) articles for quick revision as 22+ hours of videos from 2016 till present.
    • Lecture Notes : 36 well-illustrated lecture notes which will be the add-on for students.
    • High Yield Questions : 1600+ questions for quick revision that will act as a ready reckoner for the students.
    • Benchmark Trials : 283 evidence-based medicine/Landmark studies/Benchmark trials/ GTG/NICE guidelines have been included to acquaint students with recent advancements in the field.
    • Mock exams : 7 sets of mock exams, comprising 14 papers including 1400 SBAs + EMQs to get versed with each type of question that has a chance to come in the question paper.
    • Course manual : Latest edition of the Printed course manual/Textbook authored by Dr. Richa Saxena for building a concrete base.
    • Interactive Live Webinars : Regular webinars, along with special tips and tricks from the mentor to crack the exam.
    • Facebook group membership : Membership to a private Facebook group dedicated exclusively to the MRCOG exam.
    • Orientation Video : Includes information about the MRCOG exam.
    • GTG Guidelines: The course concisely covers RCOG Green-top Guidelines (GTG), providing insights for informed patient care decisions. The latest guidelines are discussed in video format for easy recollection. Moreover, some guidelines also include RCOG's Best Practice Papers and NICE guidelines on abortion care, induced labour, heavy menstrual bleeding, and much more.
    • Dr. Wise AI Chatbot: The chatbot clarifies theoretical as well as practical concepts with the help of AI. It is a comprehensive and interactive solution provider integrated with authentic published resources like books, journals, notes, and videos to offer apt explanations of concepts, treatment modes. Additionally, it assists in generating quizzes and creating flashcards for last-minute revision.
MRCOG (Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) is a degree with international recognition and is considered a... See More...


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