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E-Lecture Series Features

Video Lecture: 73+ Hours

Benchmark Trials: 200+

Self-Assessment Questions: 550+

Notes: 104 Lectures

Spotters: 1000+

About this E-Lecture Series

Dr. Rashmi Sarkar and Dr. S. Sacchidanand, the Chief Editors of Dermatology MD, have crafted the e-lecture series in collaboration with India’s 78 eminent faculties. Dr. Rashmi Sarkar is the Director Professor at LHMC, New Delhi with 23 years of teaching experience in premier medical institutes in the country, an academician and current President at IADVL who has empowered and mentored a large number of medical students and practitioners in IADVL work. Dr. S. Sacchidanand is an eminent dermatologist and health administrator with wide and varied experience. He is also the Chief Editor of the 4th and 5th editions of the renowned “IADVL Textbook of Dermatology”.

The Dermatology MD series that spans over 73+ hrs is a compilation of 104 topics under 14 modules that are important from an academic, clinical, and surgical point of view. All the topics in the series have been thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the frequently asked topics and pain areas of the postgraduate students for which they struggle to find sufficient information, such as dealing with skin lesions where there appears to be no explanation, exposure to rare diseases and exposure to medico-legal aspects.

This lecture series is one of the best PG Dermatology series for students who are aiming to perform exceptionally in the post-graduate exam. Its components rightfully meet the need of students in approaching important clinical problems and disorders, helping them to understand the community and social dermatology and perceive recent advances. It encourages concept-based and approach-based learning to cater to all the learning needs of the students.

The concepts have been supported with benchmark/evidence-based studies. The cases have been discussed in detail with special emphasis on the clinical findings and complete workup on how to arrive at the right diagnosis. This online lecture series would also be beneficial for practitioners to gain clinical/surgical dermatological skills with the help of surgical videos incorporated along with animated sequences of various procedures. The in-video demonstration of the various surgeries being performed will give a whole new dimension to the understanding of the concepts.

The lectures are richly illustrated with clinical, histopathological and surgical images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, wherever necessary to aid students in developing a thorough overview of each topic, which will also fulfil their examination and clinical needs.

A separate section of the spotters is added in the form of flashcards, that incorporate all major clinical presentations/lesions under each topic along with images of rare cases in dermatology. It will help practitioners to identify important lesions that they encounter during clinical examination and postgraduates to streamline their studies and get acquainted with important concepts.

Recent evidence-based recommendations have been included for various conditions to keep the students updated with recent advancements in the field. An interactive color-coded Drug formulary is incorporated as a part of the series to enable quick access to various drugs during their ward rounds. Important indications, contraindications, dosages, and common brand names have been included in this for all the major drugs. Regular engagement activities like Chat Shows, Journal Club, and recent updates will be a part of the series.


The Series Includes:

    • Video Lectures: 73+ hours of video lectures supported by benchmark/evidence-based studies.
    • Notes: 104 well-illustrated notes which will act as a ready reckoner for students.
    • Self-Assessment Questions: 550+ multiple choice questions have been included for self-evaluation.
    • Spotters: 1000+ clinical presentation/histopathological images in the form of flashcards along with images of rare cases in dermatology.
    • Interactive Drug Formulary: Detailed color-coded drug formulary (based on drug safety) of commonly used drugs in Dermatology with easy searchability.
    • Benchmark Trials: 200+ evidence-based studies/benchmark trials have been added to remain updated with recent advances in the field.
    • Engagement Activities: Regular Chat Shows, Journal Club, and recent updates included with a panel of eminent faculty.
Dr. Rashmi Sarkar and Dr. S. Sacchidanand, the Chief Editors of Dermatology MD, have crafted the e-lecture series in collaboration... See More...



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