Dr Rashmi Sarkar

Dr Rashmi Sarkar

Speciality: Dermatology
Education: MD, FAMS, IFAAD,
Affiliation: Director Professor, Department of Dermatology, LHMC and associated KSCH and SSK Hospital, New Delhi President IADVL 2022
Publication: 1. Advances in Pediatric Dermatology-2: Neonatal Dermatology 2. Case-based Reviews in Dermatology 3. Chemical Peels A Global Perspective 4. Cosmetic Injectables in Practice - Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin 5. Melasma A Monograph 6. Moisturizers 7. Pigmentary Disorders A Comprehensive Compendium 8. The Sensitive Skin Treatment Modalities and Cosmeceuticals 9. World Clinics Dermatology Fungal Infections Topical Treatments 10. World Clinics Dermatology: Atopic Dermatitis 11. World Clinics Dermatology: Fungal Infections of the Skin