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About this course

Ophthalmology for UnderGrads has been conceptualized and developed as per the new CBME curriculum. This course is the best among all online ophthalmology courses as it also defines the tools that will be more effective while studying a particular topic/competency. The course caters to medical undergraduates and aids them in preparing for their university exams as well as PG entrance examinations. It has been mentored by Dr. Parul Ichhpujani and Dr. Talvir Sidhu, who have covered all the essential aspects of the subject. Dr. Parul has also authored books like “Clinical Cases in Glaucoma: An Evidence-Based Approach, “Expert Techniques in Ophthalmic Surgery”, and “Manual of Glaucoma”, while Dr. Talvir is the author of “Gonioscopy: A Text and Atlas” and “Gonioscopy: A Video-Assisted Skill Transfer Approach” (includes interactive DVD-ROM). The faculty has covered the art of studying ophthalmology and how to prepare for theory, practical, and NEET PG examinations in the orientation video to give them a road map to approach the subject. This online ophthalmology course will help students in strengthening the basics of the subject, which have been correlated with clinical cases and clinical vignettes. This will provide a clinical orientation to the subject. Each topic covers an overview of the anatomy and physiology of that part which will act as a quick recall for the students. It will also help them in understanding the pathogenesis of various diseases with a detailed explanation on how each condition will appear on the ocular examination. Basic history-taking and clinical examination of the eye have been demonstrated as an elaborate lecture to acquaint the students with a comprehensive overview of this online ophthalmology course. The lectures are richly illustrated with clinical, radiological images along with flowcharts tables and boxes, wherever necessary to enhance the understanding of the viewers. The lectures also discuss various Practical case scenarios which are not usually given in textbooks.
Ophthalmology for UnderGrads has been conceptualized and developed as per the new CBME curriculum. This course is the best among... See More...



What is the study of Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, visual disorders, and their complications. Ophthalmology as a subspecialty in MBBS includes topics such as the cornea, ocular oncology, pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, and ocular pathology. The study of Ophthalmology covers the physiology, anatomy, and treatment of all eye-related health conditions. It also includes surgical procedures to treat eyes, for example, in case of glaucoma, cataract, neoplasm removal, refractive surgery, etc.

Can I study ophthalmology after the 12th standard?

You'll be eligible for NEET UG after finishing your higher secondary with the subject PCB. Get into a medical college to begin your MBBS journey, and once you obtain the degree, you can specialize in Ophthalmology. Another way to pursue a career in Ophthalmology after 12th is B.Sc. Ophthalmology or B.Sc. Optometry. You can further do a master's and doctoral in Ophthalmology after completing a full-time undergraduate Ophthalmology degree.

How do I prepare for an Ophthalmology exam?

Make sure you understand the fundamentals of ophthalmology before taking the exam. Getting conceptual clarity is the only way to do so. Access maximum content including lectures, MCQs, IBQs, notes, clinical case discussions, and more to practice for university exams as well as NEET PG. Solving the previous years’ questions proves highly beneficial to score well. Don’t miss out on the important and high-weightage modules and topics, such as lens, cataract, Glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, surgeries, etc. Tip! Make mnemonics for memorization.

How is Ophthalmology important for NEET PG Preparation?

NEET PG requires a deep understanding of the concepts of Ophthalmology. The subject has a prominent weightage in NEET PG. Therefore, it is important to approach ophthalmology in the right way keeping in mind theory, practical, clinical cases, MCQs, and IBQs to ace NEET PG. Ophthalmology is a high-scoring subject from which direct questions are asked in the NEET PG entrance examination.

How can I understand Ophthalmology better?

To understand ophthalmology better, one must learn from the latest and most reliable content and focus on the basics first. Clinical case discussions, MCQs, notes, and lectures by eminent faculty can help you get your concepts cleared. Understanding history-taking and clinical examination of the eye is very important. Don’t miss out on the practical sessions and discussions to thoroughly understand the subject. A medico must remain updated with the latest advancements in diagnostics and treatment procedures.

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