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About this course

OBGYN for UnderGrads has been developed and mentored by the 5 most renowned teachers. Their 150+ years of collective experience in the field have enriched the course with a practical approach. This course is one of the best Obstetrics and Gynecology courses online. This OBGYN Course provides in-depth knowledge of the subject. The faculty has incorporated knowledge from various standard and reference books like Shaw's Textbook of Gynaecology, DC Dutta's Textbook of Obstetrics, DC Dutta's Textbook of Gynecology, William’s Obstetrics, and William’s Gynecology. Thereby, averting the need to mug up from textbooks. The content presented in the lectures has been professionally researched and updated. The recent changes in the CBME curriculum have been well-integrated within the Obstetrics & gynecology course lectures. Clinical obstetric and gynecological examination has been given special emphasis by the faculty. To facilitate understanding of the basics of clinical examination, a separate lecture has been scheduled demonstrating the performance of the same on a mannequin. The topics have been made engaging with various case discussions that provide a practical orientation to the study. The lectures are richly illustrated with clinical and radiological images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, wherever necessary to enhance memorization. Common operative procedures have been presented in a well-illustrated manner with all steps and instruments elaborated in detail. Dummy-assisted breech delivery also has been demonstrated which is extremely useful for students. Special topics like blood transfusion, contraception, ultrasound in obstetrics, statistical topics, inversion of the uterus, and hyperemesis gravidarum have been explained based on their high importance in examinations. The animations in the videos will acquaint the students with commonly asked questions in viva voce and university examinations; thus, enabling them in studying and preparing simultaneously. The lectures discuss various Practical case scenarios which are not usually given in textbooks. For Institutional pricing, please contact us at care@diginerve.com.
OBGYN for UnderGrads has been developed and mentored by the 5 most renowned teachers. Their 150+ years of collective experience... See More...


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