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Video Lecture: 110+ Hours

Benchmark Trials: 400+

Our Course Banner Surgery MS

Self-Assessment Questions: 1100+

Our Course Banner Surgery MS

Topics in Videos & Notes: 205+

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DxTx: 250+

Our Course Banner Surgery MS

OSCEs: 200+

Our Course Banner Surgery MS

Surgical Tips: 450+

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SxTools: 100+

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About this course

Introducing Surgery MS: Suturing your Clinical Gaps

The meticulously crafted Surgery MS is an E-learning course by DigiNerve. The course follows a case-based approach that focuses on pain areas of postgraduate students who get limited exposure to actual surgeries, leading to difficulties in understanding the clinical context. The course helps them in becoming competent in patient management, and practical application of theoretical concepts in surgical settings. It provides surgical videos aiming to address the potential impact of limited exposure to actual surgeries on students' confidence levels. The course not only aims to prepare postgrads for their MS final examinations; its mission is to ignite a passion in them to emerge as exceptional surgeons, determined in their commitment to prioritize the well-being of their patients above all else. The course has been expertly designed under the profound guidance of the esteemed Chief Editor, Prof. Dr. Nilay Mandal. He has steered the course with exemplary direction by providing quality & valuable knowledge in collaboration with 26 experts in the field.

The course includes a comprehensive coverage of basic surgical skills, trauma and various surgical super-specialities including urology, oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, etc. Each super-specialty is further divided into 4 modules (long cases, short cases, management decisions and surgical skills), offering a structured learning experience. Some of the unique features that set this course apart are mentioned below:

  • Case-based approach: The course follows a case-based approach wherein the various lectures focus on case discussions (inclusive of both long and short cases). The case-based lectures address several concepts such as differential diagnoses, management strategies, surgical strategies, surgical pathways, complications, prevention, patient care messages, etc., all while incorporating global and Indian recommendations. Long and short case discussions in various sections are carefully curated to align with the MS examination curriculum.
  • Clinical Methods: Pre and post-operative assessments covered in the videos would help postgraduate students get acquainted with clinical skills.
  • Surgical Procedures: Real surgical procedures are covered in the video lectures to enable students to understand surgical skills.
  • Interactive learning Experience: After each video lecture, self-assessment questions will help students to test their understanding and retention.
  • OSCEs: Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are vital in assessing clinical skills. These assessments are provided in flashcard formats, enabling rapid revision and self-evaluation, just like in the real exam.
  • Surgical Tips: This part of the course will guide students to make appropriate decisions before and during the surgical procedures.
  • DxTx: A tool for quick reference, this unique feature is represented by a human model that allows you to explore critical information with a click. You can learn about the various medical conditions and surgical procedures including clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, recent advances, and clinical trials in a crisp and structured format. Furthermore, intricate etiopathological concepts are skillfully clarified using flowcharts, whenever necessary. This tool is aligned with the NMC curriculum.

The course includes:

  • Video Lectures: 110+ hours of video lecture series, encompassing basic sciences, in-depth long and short case discussions, surgical skills, and management decisions in surgery.
    • Long Case Discussion Videos: Collection of 11 meticulously chosen long case discussion videos spanning important surgical super-specialties, designed to aid in comprehensive preparation for the MS examination.
    • Short Case Discussion Videos: Compilation of 35 carefully curated topics of short case discussions spanning diverse surgical super-specialties, aimed at seamless preparation of MS-level examinations.
  • Lecture Notes: This course includes well-illustrated 205+ topics in notes which will act as a ready reckoner for students. They are supplemented with evidence-based research studies mentioned at the end of each topic.
  • Surgical Tips: 450+ tips comprising dos and don’ts before and during the surgical procedures are explained in this section. This will guide students to make appropriate decisions in their surgical practices.
  • Benchmark Trials: 400+ Evidence-based studies have been added for postgrads to remain updated with recent advances in the field.
  • Self-Assessment Questions: 1100+ MCQs serve both as valuable practice assessments and as a strategic integration within each video to improve comprehension.
  • OSCEs: 200+ flashcards provide a standardized and objective method of assessing a candidate's clinical skills and competencies.
  • DxTx: A unique tool comprising 250+ topics aligned with the NMC curriculum across various super-specialties for quick reference.
  • SxTools: Instruments used in surgery are well-explained through 100+ flashcards.
  • Engagement Activities: Regular chat shows, journal clubs, and recent updates are included as engagement activities.
  • Dr. Wise (AI Chatbot): The chatbot clarifies theoretical as well as practical concepts with the help of AI. It is a comprehensive and interactive solution provider integrated with authentic published resources like books, journals, notes, and videos to offer apt explanations of concepts, treatment modes and more.
  • Printed Notes: Concise notes are designed to save time by providing exam-focused, crisp details along with visual learning at an affordable price. The notes also comprise previous years' questions and ensure comprehensive coverage in minimum time. Existing users can purchase the printed notes @4,995 form here.

3 Days Money Back Guarantee available T&Cs apply.

Introducing Surgery MS: Suturing your Clinical Gaps The meticulously crafted Surgery MS is an E-learning course by DigiNerve. The course... See More...


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