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DigiNerve Buzz (Monthly Newsletter – February 2024, Vol -2)

March 1, 2024

DigiNerve is constantly evolving to enhance the user experience while you’re on their journey to becoming a Top Doc. We are excited to bring the latest updates with our commitment to ensure a seamless journey on the go.

Read our monthly newsletter’s February edition (Vol – 2) for the latest updates.



PostGrad Course Updates

Dermatology MD:-

1. The e-lecture series now feature 250+ enhanced spotters enriched with questions, clinical cases, images along with rare cases in dermatology.

2. Printed notes have been launched to provide exam-focused, crisp details along with visual learning.

Medicine MD:-

1. 13 new topics in videos and notes, 83 new MCQs and 26 new benchmark trials have been added to the course. The following table mentions the newly added topics:


Modules Sub-section Topic Faculty No. of MCQs
Endocrinology and Diabetes Long Case Discussions Approach to Hypoglycemia Dr. Partha P Chakarborty 5
Endocrinology and Diabetes Long Case Discussions Case-based Approach to Thyroid Disorders Dr. Indira 5
Endocrinology and Diabetes Long Case Discussions Endocrine Emergencies Dr. Pankaj Singhania 5
Endocrinology and Diabetes Long Case Discussions Diabetic Kidney Disease Dr. Mainak Banerjee 10
Endocrinology and Diabetes Decision Making Endocrine Hypertension Dr. Debmalya Sanyal 10
Cardiology Decision Making Chronic Coronary Syndrome Dr. Vijay Sekhar 5
History Taking and Clinical Methods Systemic Examination History Taking and Examination of a Diabetic Patient Dr. Rana 5
Diagnostics Investigations Interpretation of Laboratory Investigations in Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Dr. Subhraneel Baul 6
Diagnostics Investigations Investigations in Rheumatology Dr. Alakendu Ghosh 10
Pharmacotherapeutics Special Situations General Aspects of Use of Antibiotics Dr. Shantanu K. Tripathi 5
Metabolic Disorders Basic Sciences Metabolic Syndrome and its Consequences Dr. Soumik Goswami 5
Cardiology Basic Sciences Pathophysiology of Acute MI Dr. Ruchit Shah 7
Cardiology Basic Sciences Treatment and Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction Dr. Ruchit Shah 5


2. Additionally, video lecture on topic “Ophthalmoscopy and Retinal Detachment” by Dr. Vanee Sheth has been added in the OSCEs module.



The DigiNerve app has been optimized to ensure smooth performance even in areas with poor network coverage significantly enhancing users’ learning experience. Say goodbye to frustrating interruptions and hello to seamless navigation.


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To read the updates shared in the Monthly Newsletter February (Vol-1), click here.

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