Medical Fellowship Courses in India

Medical Fellowship Courses in India

Medical Fellowship Courses in India

August 22, 2023

A medical fellowship is an academic programme that allows physicians to specialize in a particular area of medical sciences and advances their career. The course typically lasts 1-3 years and provides the opportunity to gain advanced skills and knowledge in their chosen field. The specific eligibility requirements vary for each fellowship but additionally, most require a strong academic record, a letter of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Admission to the NMC-recognized fellowship courses is done based on the FET exam score. FET is abbreviated for the Fellowship Entrance Examination, conducted by NBEMS. Admission to private medical colleges may be done based on the particular college’s entrance exams followed by an interview.

There are a few things you may do to get started if you want to pursue a medical fellowship study in India:

  • Do your research: There are several medical fellowship programmes offered in India, so it’s crucial to pick the programme that’s perfect for you.
  • Start early: Since the application procedure for medical fellowship programmes can be competitive, getting a head start is crucial.
  • Get organized: It’s crucial to organize yourself and keep track of all your documents as the application procedure for fellowship programmes in medicine can be complicated.
  • Network: Making connections with individuals who are experienced with medical fellowship programmes will help you understand more about the application process and open doors for you.

List of Recognized Fellowship Courses by National Board of Examinations (NBE)

S. No. Name of Fellowship Course Prior Eligibility Qualification
1 Arthroplasty DNB/MS (Orthopaedics)
2 Bariatric Surgery MS/DNB General Surgery

(At least three years of experience in General Surgery/Minimal Access Surgery after post-graduation is required)

3 Breast Imaging               MD/DNB Radiodiagnosis
4 Cardiac Electrophysiology DM/DNB/DrNB Cardiology
5 Cardiac Anaesthesiology DNB/MD Anaesthesiology
6 Dermatopathology MD/DNB Pathology
7 Fetal Radiology MD/DNB Radiodiagnosis
8 Head and Neck Oncology MS/DNB General Surgery

MD/DNB Otorhinolaryngology

MCh/DNB/DrNB Surgical Oncology

MCh Head and Neck Oncology

9 Hand & Micro Surgery DrNB/MCh Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

DNB/MS Orthopaedics

DNB/MS General Surgery

10 High-Risk Pregnancy & Perinatology MD/DNB OBGYN
11 Infectious Disease DNB/MD General Medicine

MD Tropical Medicine

12 Interventional Cardiology DrNB/DM (Cardiology)
13 Laboratory Medicine MD/DNB
14 Liver Transplantation DrNB/MCh (GI Surgery)
15 Maternal & Foetal Medicine DNB/MD/MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology
16 Minimal Access Surgery DNB/MS General Surgery
17 Minimal Access Urology MCh/DNB/DrNB Urology
18 Neurovascular Intervention DrNB/MCh Neurosurgery

DrNB/DM Neurology

DM Neuroradiology

DNB/MD Radiodiagnosis

19 Onco-Anaesthesiology DNB/MD Anaesthesiology
20 Pediatric Cardiology DNB/MD Pediatrics
21 Pediatric Gastroenterology DNB/MD Pediatrics
22 Pediatric Intensive Care DNB/MD Pediatrics
23 Pain Medicine DNB/MD Anaesthesiology
24 Pediatric Anaesthesiology DNB/MD Anaesthesiology
25 Pediatric Hemato-Oncology DNB/MD Pediatrics
26 Pediatric Nephrology DNB/MD Pediatrics
27 Pediatric Urology MCh/DNB/DrNB Urology

MCh/DNB/DrNB Pediatric Surgery

28 Renal Transplant MCh/DNB/DrNB Urology

MS/DNB General Surgery with three years of experience in a renal transplant centre (Only Renal Transplant Specialty Board Certified Centres are approved for this experience)

29 Reproductive Medicine DNB/MD/MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology
30 Spine Surgery DNB/MS Orthopaedics

DrNB/MCh Neurosurgery

31 Sports Medicine DNB/MS (Orthopaedics)
32 Transplant Anaesthesiology DNB/MD Anaesthesiology
33 Trauma Anaesthesiology & Critical Care DNB/MD Anaesthesiology
34 Trauma & Acute Care Surgery DNB/MS (General Surgery)

DNB/MS (Orthopaedics)

DrNB/MCh (Neurosurgery)

DNB/MD (Anaesthesiologythesiology)

35 Vitreo Retinal Surgery DNB/MS (Ophthalmology)

List of University-Approved Medical Fellowship Courses



Name of the Course Student Eligibility Duration
1 Fellowship Course in Learning Disability & Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics MD/DNB (Psychiatry/Pediatrics) 1 Year
Diploma in Child Health 2 Year
2 Fellowship Course in Advanced Gastrointestinal  Endoscopy MD/DNB

(Medicine), MS/DNB (Surgery)

1 Year
3 Fellowship Course in Dialysis Medicine MD/DNB (Medicine/Pediatrics) 1 Year
4 Fellowship Course in Diabetology MD/DNB (General Medicine) 1 Year
5 Fellowship Course in Diagnostic Dermatology MD/DNB

(Dermatology/ Venereology and Leprosy)

1 Year
6 Fellowship Course in  Clinical Nephrology MD/DNB (Medicine/Pediatrics) 1 Year
7 Fellowship course in Sleep Medicine MD/DNB (Medicine/Pulmonary Medicine/Chest Medicine)

DM Neurology

1 Year
8 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Gastroenterology,         Hepatology & Nutrition MD/DNB (Pediatrics) 1 Year


Fellowship Course in Basic                           Phototherapy and Lasers in            Clinical Dermatology MD /DNB/ (Dermatology

Venereology and




1 Year


(Dermatology/ Vene and Leprosy)


2 Years




Fellowship Course in Advanced Plus Gastrointestinal Endoscopy



DM/DNB (Gastroenterology)

MD/DNB (Internal Medicine) With 03 Years (Compulsory) Experience In GI Endoscopy

MS (General Surgery) With 03Years (Compulsory) Experience In GI endoscopy


1 Year

11 Fellowship Course in Medical Oncology MD/DNB (Medicine Pulmonary/ Chest Medicine/  Pediatrics/ (Radiotherapy) 1 Year
12 Fellowship Course in               Cardiovascular- Anaesthesiology MD/DNB(Anaesthesiology) 1 Year
 13 Fellowship Course in Neuro-Anaesthesiology MD/DNB(Anaesthesiology)  1 Year
 14 Fellowship Course in Colorectal Surgery MS /DNB (Surgery)  1 Year
 15 Fellowship Course in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery MS/DNB


 1 Year
 16 Fellowship Course in Hepato Pancreatic Biliary (HPB)Surgery MS/DNB (Surgery)  1 Year
 17 Fellowship Course in Breast Surgery MS/DNB (Surgery)  1 Year

Fellowship Course in Hand Surgery


(Orthopaedics/ Plastic Surgery)/MCh (Plastic Surgery)

 1 Year
19 Fellowship Course   in Interventional


MD/DNB (Radiology)  1 Year
 20 Fellowship Course in Pediatric – Anaesthesiology MD/DNB(Anaesthesiology)  1 Year
 21 Fellowship Course in                          Minimal Access in Pediatric Surgery MCh /DNB

(Pediatrics Surgery)

 1 Year
 22 Fellowship Course in Body Imaging CT & MRI of Chest & Abdomen MD/DNB (Radiology/ Radio-diagnosis)  1 Year
23 Fellowship Course in Ultra Sonography and Colour Doppler MD/DNB (Radiology/ Radio-diagnosis) 1 Year
 24 Fellowship Course in Diagnostic Neuroradiology MD/DNB (Radiology/Radio-Diagnosis) 1 Year
 25 Fellowship Course in Vascular and Interventional Radiology MD/DNB (Radiology/Radio-Diagnosis) 1 Year
 26 Fellowship Course in Minimal Access Bariatric Surgery  MS(General Surgery)  1 Year
27 Fellowship Course in Drug Development MD/DNB

(General Medicine/ Community Medicine/

Pharmacology/ Pediatrics)

1 Year
28    Fellowship Course in  Molecular Pathology MD/DNB(Biochemistry, Micro- Biology, Pathology, Pharmacology 1 Year
29 Fellowship Course in  Uropathology MD (Pathology)/DNB 1 Year
30 Fellowship Course in  Clinical Genetics MD/MS/DNB (Medicine/Pediatrics/OBGYN) 1 Year
31           Fellowship Course in          Cytopathology MD/DNB (Pathology) 1 Year
32 Fellowship Course in Cardiovascular Pathology MD /DNB (Pathology) 1 Year
33         Fellowship Course in Neuropathology MD/DNB (Pathology) 1 Year
34  Fellowship Course in Critical  Care Medicine MD/DNB (Medicine/ Pulm/Chest Medicine/Anaesthesiology.) 1 Year
35 Fellowship Course in  Pediatric Intensive Care  

MD/DNB (Pediatrics)


1 Year

DCH (Diploma in Child                   Health)  

2 Year

36 Fellowship Course in   Pediatric HIV MD/DNB


1 Year
DCH (Diploma in Child Health) 2 Year
37  Fellowship Course in Clinical  Hematology MD/DNB (Medicine/Pathology/ Pediatrics)

MD (Immuno-Hematology and Blood Transfusion)

1 Year
38 Fellowship Course in Rheumatology MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)/DNB 1 Year
39  Fellowship Course in Pulmonary Critical Care MD/DNB (Pulmonary Medicine/ Medicine/Chest Medicine)/DNB 1 Year
40 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Nephrology MD/DNB (Pediatrics) 1 Year
41 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Pathology MD (Pathology)/DNB 1 Year
42 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Haematology  Oncology MD/DNB (Pediatrics) 1 Year
Diploma in Child Health (DCH) 2 Year
43 Fellowship Course in  Epilepsy MD/DNB (General Medicine)

DNB Neurology

DM (Neurology)

1 Year
44 Fellowship Course in Neonatology MD/DNB (Pediatrics)  1 Year
45   Fellowship Course in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery MCH/DNB

(Plastic Surgery)

1 Year
46 Fellowship Course in Emergency Medical and Trauma Care MD/DNB (Medicine / Pediatrics) & MS/ DNB (Surgery/Ortho) 1 Year
47 Fellowship Course in Joint  Replacement Surgery MS /DNB


1 Year
48 Fellowship Course in Laryngology MD/DNB(ENT)  1 Year
DORL  2 Year
49 Fellowship Course in Minimal Access Surgery- Gynecology MD/MS/DNB

(Obst &Gynec)

1 Year
50 Fellowship Course in  Otology MD/DNB(ENT) 1 Year
DORL 2 Year
51 Fellowship Course in Deaddiction MD/DNB (Psychiatry) 1 Year

Fellowship Course in Vitreo- Retinal Surgery (FVRS)



1 Year
DOMS 2 Year
53 Fellowship Course in Chronic Pain Medicine MD/DNB(Anaesthesiology) 1 Year
54 Fellowship Course in Gastroenterology Anaesthesiology MD/DNB (Anaesthesiology.) 1 Year
55 Fellowship Course in Spine   Surgery MCh/ DNB (Neurosurgery)

MS/ DNB (Ortho)

1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
 56 Fellowship Course in  Arthroscopy MD (Ortho)/DNB (Ortho)  1 Year
57 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Orthopaedics MS/DNB


1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
58 Fellowship Course in Minimal  Access Surgery MS/DNB (Surgery) 1 Year
59 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Minimal Access Surgery in Orthopaedics, Hand Surgery, Spine Surgery MS/DNB (Orthopaedics) 1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year


Fellowship Course in Pediatric Cardiology (FCPC) MD/DNB

( Pediatrics)


1 Year

61 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Endocrinology (FCPE) MD/ DNB

( Pediatrics)

1 Year
62 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Neurosurgery (FCPN) MCh/DNB


1 Year
63 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Urology DNB/MCH

(Pediatrics Surgery)

1 Year
64 Fellowship Course in Fetal Medicine MD/DNB/MS (Obst&Gynec)


1 Year
DMRD (Radiology) 2 Year
65 Fellowship Course in Assisted Reproduction Techniques MD/DNB/MS


1 Year
66 Fellowship Course in Blood, Banking MD(Pathology)/ DNB 1 Year
67 Fellowship Course in Hepatology MD (Medicine/Pediatrics)/DNB 1 Year
68 Fellowship Course in Trichology MD/DNB (Dermatology

Venereology and Leprosy)

1 Year
69 Fellowship Course in Clinical  Embryology MD/MS/DNB  (OBGYN) 1 Year
70 Fellowship Course in Regional Anaesthesiology MD/DNB (Anaesthesiology.)  or DA 1 Year
DA 2 Year
71 Fellowship Course in Reconstructive Urology MCh/DNB (Urology) 1 Year
72 Fellowship Course in Minimal access surgery in Urology (Laparoscopy/

Robotic & Endourology)

MCh /DNB (Urology) 1 Year


Fellowship Course in Intensive Cardiac Care MD/DNB (Medicine) 1 Year
74 Fellowship Course in Diabetic Foot Surgery MS /DNB (Surgery) 1 Year
75      Fellowship Course in    High-Risk Obstetrics MD/MS/DNB(Obgy &Gyn.) or DGO 1 Year
DGO 2 Year
76 Fellowship Course in Invasive Cardiology DM / DNB


1 Year
77 Fellowship Course in Non-Invasive Cardiology MD/DNB (Medicine/ Pediatrics) 1 Year
78 Fellowship Course in Pain  Medicine MD/DNB

(Anaesthesiology/ Neuro) MS/DNB (Ortho) MD

(Palliative medicine)

1 Year
79 Fellowship Course in Infections Disease MD/DNB

(Medicine/Pediatric/Microbiology/ Community Medicine)

1 Year
80 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Neurology & Epilepsy MD/DNB ( Pediatrics) 1 Year
81 Fellowship Course in Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreaticobiliary Pathology MD/DNB (Pathology) 1 Year
82 Fellowship Course in Clinical   Sexology MD (Dermatology)

MD (General Medicine)

MD (Physiology)


MD (Psychiatry)


MS (Urology)

1 Year
83 Fellowship Course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery             and Skull Base Surgery MS/DNB (ENT) 1 Year
84 Fellowship Course in Reproductive Medicine  



1 Year
85 Fellowship Course in Skull Base Neurosurgery MCH/DNB


1 Year
86 Fellowship Course in Endoscopic Neurosurgery MCH/ DNB


1 Year
87 Fellowship Course in Electroneuromyography & Evoked Potential MCH/ DNB/ MD

(Pediatrics/ Neurosurgery)

1 Year
88 Fellowship Course in Foot and Ankle Surgery MS /DNB


1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
89 Fellowship Course in  Orthopaedic Trauma MS /DNB (Orthopaedics) 1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
90 Fellowship Course in Shoulder Surgery MS /DNB (Orthopaedics) 1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
91 Fellowship Course in Orthopaedic Oncology and   Reconstruction Surgery MS /DNB (Orthopaedics) 1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
92 Fellowship Course in Orthopaedic Research MS /DNB (Orthopaedics) 1 Year
D.Ortho 2 Year
93 Fellowship Course in Neurotrauma & Neurocritical Care MCh/DNB (Neurosurgery) 1 Year

Fellowship Course in Community Mental Health

MD/DNB (Psychiatry) 1 Year
Diploma in Psychiatry 2 Year


Fellowship Course in Advanced Microsurgery and Lymphatic Surgery MCh/DNB

(Plastic Surgery)

1 Year
 96 Fellowship Course in Hair Restoration and Facial Cosmetic Surgery MCh/DNB

(Plastic Surgery)

1 Year
97 Fellowship Course in Proctology MS/DNB (Surgery) 1 Year
98 Fellowship Course in Endocrine Oncology DM/DNB


1 Year
99 Fellowship Course in Advance and Difficult    Airway Management MD/DNB (Anaesthesiologythesiology./ Medicine/Critical Care Medicine 1 Year
100 Fellowship Course in Phacoemulsification MS/DNB /MD


1 Year
DOMS 2 Year
101 Fellowship Course in  Oculoplasty MS/DNB/MD


1 Year
DOMS 2 Year
102 Fellowship Course in  Palliative Care MD/DNB

(Anesthesia/General Medicine)

1 Year
103 Fellowship Course in Pediatric BMT DM (Clinical Hematology)

MD/DNB (General Medicine) with Fellowship In Clinical    Hematology

MD/DNB (Pediatrics) with Fellowship In Pediatric Hematology &


DCH with 2 Years Fellowship In Pediatric Hematology-


2 Year
104 Fellowship Course in Microsurgery  MCh/DNB

(Plastic Surgery)

1 Year
105 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Immunology DM/MD


1 Year
106 Fellowship Course in Flexible Endoscopic Surgery DM/DNB (Gastroenterology)

MD/DNB (Internal Medicine) With 03 Years (Compulsory) Experience In GI Endoscopy

MS (General Surgery) With 03 Years (Compulsory) Experience In GI Endoscopy

1 Year
107 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Cardiovascular  Anaesthesiology DNB/MD


1 Year
Diploma in  Anesthesia 2 Year
108 Fellowship Course in Obstructive Airways Disease MD/DNB

(Pulmonary Medicine/Chest


1 Year
109 Fellowship Course in Hyperbaric Medicine and Basic Wound Management MS/DNB/MD

(General Surgery/ Ortho/pulm)

1 Year
110 Fellowship Course in Medical & Surgical Retina MS/MD/DNB


2 Year
111 Fellowship Course in Comprehensive

Ophthalmology, Cataract & Phacoemulsification



2 Year
112 Fellowship Course in Medical Retina MS/MD/DNB


1.5 Year
113 Fellowship Course in Glaucoma MS/MD/DNB


18 Month
114 Fellowship Course in Urologic Oncology MCh (Urology)/ DNB


1 Year
115 Fellowship Course in Onco- Pathology MD Urology

DNB (Pathology)

1 Year
116 Fellowship Course in Prevention & Control of  Infectious Diseases MD/MS (In any allopathic Field)

MD (Community Medicine), MPH

1 Year
DPH 2 Year
117 Fellowship Course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery MS/DNB (ENT) 1 Year
118 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Thoracic Surgery MCh/DNB

( Pediatric Surgery)

1 Year

Fellowship Course in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

MD/DNB (Psychiatry) 1 Year
120 Fellowship Course in Basic  Endoscopy in Gastroenterology MD (Medicine)/ MS (Surgery) 1 Year
121 Fellowship Course in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery MS/DNB


1 Year
122 Fellowship in Pediatric  Surgical Oncology DNB/MS/MCh (Surgical Oncology)

MCh (Pediatric Surgery)

1 Year
123 Fellowship Course in Oncology Care MBBS/BAMS/ BHMS 1 Year
124 Fellowship Course in Advanced Clinical Research MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BDS, BPTh,

Para Medical & Allied    Health Sciences

1 Year
125 Fellowship Course in Tribal  Medicine and Surgery  B.A.MD/M.B.B.S 1 Year
126 Fellowship Course in Geriatric Medicine M.B.B.S 1 Year
127 Fellowship Course in Obesity, Body Metabolism & Nutrition M.B.B.S. 1 Year
128 Fellowship Course in infection prevention & control with specific reference to hospital-acquired infections M.B.B.S. 1 Year
129 Fellowship Course in Public  Health Practice B.A.MD, B.A.S.L.P.,

B.D.S., B.H.MD,

B.O.Th., B.P.M.T.,

B.P.O., B.P.Th.,

B.Sc. Nursing, B.U.MD, M.B.B.S.,

P.B.B.Sc. Nursing, Degree In Demography, Degree In Economics, Degree In Management, Degree In Pharmacy, Degree In Sociology, Degree In


1 Year
130 Fellowship Course in Onco- anesthesia, critical care & Pain Management MD/DNB


1 Year
131 Fellowship Course in Facial Plastic & Facial Cosmetic Surgery MCh Plastic Surgery/ MS (General Surgery)

Fellowship Courses  in Oculoplastic Surgery (Post MD Ophthalmology) Fellowship Courses in Facial Plastic Surgery(post MD ENT)

1 Year
132 Fellowship Course in Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell-Based Therapies MD/MS/M.Ch,/DM/D NB qualified Surgeons / Physicians / Super specialists from allopathy. For Foreigners, Undergraduate or Postgraduate degrees equivalent to and recognized by the Medical Council of India. Candidates should have at least

six months molecular biology background.

2 Year
133 Certificate Course in Hyperbaric Medicine and Basic Wound Management B.A.MD

B.A.S.L.P. B.D.S.








6 Month
134 Certificate Course in Epidemic Management Passed HSC  Science with


Chemistry and Biology

1 Year
135 Certificate Course in     Operation Theater Technology Passed HSC  Science with


Chemistry and Biology

1 Year
136 Certificate Course in Radiography Technology Passed HSC Science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology 1 Year
137 Certificate course in Critical Care Dialysis Passed HSC Science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology 1 Year
138 Certificate Course in Technician/ Respiratory Therapist in Intensive Care Unit Passed HSC Science with Physics, Chemistry and  Biology 1 Year
139 Certificate Course in Technician in Pulmonary         Function Test Passed HSC Science with Physics, Chemistry and  Biology 1 Year
140 Certificate Course in ECG    Technician Assistant Passed HSC Science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology 1 Year
141 Certificate Course in Clinicians in Medico-Legal       Practices B.A.MD

B.A.S.L.P. B.D.S.






B.Sc. Nursing



P.B.B.Sc. Nursing

1 Year
142 Certificate Course in Emergency Medical Services MBBS/ BAMS/ BUMS/ BHMS 1 Year
143 Certificate Course in Anesthesia Technician Passed 12th Science (10+2 pattern) or MCVC with MLX/X ray 1 Year
144 Fellowship Course in Rehabilitations Surgery MD/DNB (PMR) 1 Year
               DPMR 2 Year
145 Fellowship Course in Varicose Vein Diseases         MS/ DNB (General Surgery)

MD/DNB (Radiology/Interventional


1 Year
DMRD with 02 Years of Experience 2 Year



Fellowship Course in Advance Vitreo Retinal Surgery (FVRS)





1 Year


Certificate Course in Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery (CVTS) Assistance

Passed 12th Science (10+2 Pattern) or MCVC with MLT/X ray passed 1 Year


1 Year Internship

148 Fellowship Course in Liver Transplantation Anaesthesiology and Critical Care MD/DNB


01 Year
149 Fellowship Course in Advanced Nursing Care in Oncology  B.Sc. Nursing/ PB B.Sc. Nursing/


01 Year
150 Fellowship Course in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery MCH/DNB

Cardiothoracic Surgery

01 Year
151 Comprehensive Certificate Course for Integrated Health, Fitness & Sports Performance Advisor HSC (10+2 Pattern) Science or MCVC With MLT/X ray passed 01 Year


6 Month Internship

152 Fellowship Course in Musculoskeletal Imaging MD/DNB (Radiology) 01 Year
153 Certificate Course in Genetic Diagnostics MSc. (life sciences) – fresh graduates Btech (life sciences), B.pharm,


BSc.PMT + 1-year experience in Lab services

06 Month
154 “Fellowship Course in Biomedical Research Methodology” Medical Postgraduates (MD/MD) 01 year
155 “Certificate Course in Retrieval Surgery” Post Graduate Degree in General  Surgery, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and ENT

Post MCh:- Urology, CVTS, GI         Surgery, Plastic Surgery, ENT Transplant, and Oncology

06 Months
156 Fellowship Course in Gynaecologic Oncology MS/MD/DNB or equivalent in obstetrics and Gynecology would be eligible (with 1 year in Gynaecologic Onco experience would be preferable) 

MCh/DNB Surgical Oncology

01 year
157 Fellowship Course in Gastro-Intestinal, Hepatopancreatico Biliary     (GI, HPB) Oncosurgery MD General Surgery ( with minimum 2 Years of experience in GI Oncosurgery

DNB/MCH Surgical Gastroenterology

DNB/MCH Surgical Oncology

DNB/MD General Surgery/Surgical Oncology

MCH Oncosurgery

01 year
158 Fellowship Course in Clinical and Laboratory  Genetics MD/MS

MBBS with Diploma in Pathology, Obstetrics/ Gynaecology,  Pediatrics, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology, Nuclear Medicine and Immunohematology;


MD/MS Ayurved  Clinical Speciality,

MD Homoeopathy   Clinical Speciality,

MD Unani Clinical Speciality

01 year
159 Certificate Course in Management of Myopia Control B. Optom/B.Sc. Optometry 06 Months
160 Certificate Course in Ocular Surface Disorder  Management B. Optom/B.Sc. Optometry 06 Months

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