NBEMS Introduces Mandatory Time-Bound Sections in Computer-Based Examinations, 2024

May 6, 2024

NBEMS has introduced time-bound sections in all its MCQ-based examinations which are conducted on computer-based platforms, such as NEET-PG, NEET-MDS, NEET-SS, FMGE, DNB-PDCET, GPAT, DPEE, FDST, and FET, to enhance the exam security and integrity. In this examination pattern, the question paper will be divided into multiple time-bound sections in which each section includes a specific number of questions and allotted time.

In NEET-PG 2024, each of the five time-bound sections (A, B, C, D & E) will have 40 questions and 42 minutes allotted for each section in which candidates cannot proceed to the next section until completing the allotted time for the previous one and can’t review or modify answers afterward.

Candidates have the option to mark questions for review, allowing them to revisit marked questions before the allotted time for that section expires. The number of time-restricted sections may vary based on the total number of questions and operational feasibility in such sections.

These time-bound sections will be implemented in GPAT 2024, NEET-PG 2024, and all upcoming computer-based examination tests conducted by NBEMS, as outlined in respective examination information bulletins.

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