Exciting News! Application Process Active for Increase of PG Seats in Existing Medical Colleges

March 11, 2024

The Medical Assessment and Rating Board (MARB) has embarked on a thorough review process for applications received for the increase of Postgraduate (PG) seats in existing medical colleges for the Academic Year 2024-25. A total of 665 applications have been carefully scrutinized to ensure compliance with established regulations and criteria.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:


Step 1: Scrutiny of Applications

The 665 applications underwent meticulous evaluation, and approval post consideration of various parameters and supporting documents such as affiliation consent, application fees, bank guarantees, and relevant letters confirming the status of PG courses.

The review process also included an analysis of attendance using the AEBAS data report from January 1st, 2024 to February 29th, 2024.


Step 2: AEBAS and Compliance Submission

If a medical college meets all the requirements in step 1, they’ll be asked to submit a signed affidavit and self-assessment form. This needs to be done by the Dean/Principal and HOD of the relevant department, with digital signatures on each page, within a set timeframe. A link for submission will be provided.

However, if the college doesn’t meet all or any of the Step 1 requirements, they’ll receive a Show Cause Notice (SCN). They’ll need to address the deficiencies, conduct a self-assessment, and then submit the required affidavit and self-assessment form within the given timeframe. Again, this needs to be signed by the Dean/Principal and HOD of the department, with digital signatures on each page. The submission link will be provided.

Note: Kindly note that submitting the mentioned documents is just one step in the assessment/inspection process and doesn’t determine final approval or disapproval. If any deficiencies in the application or faculty attendance are found later, the Medical Assessment and Review Board (MARB) will make the appropriate decision.


Step 3: Review of Compliance Reports and other documents

  • A filled and signed Self-Assessment Form (SAF) and affidavit by the Dean/Principal and HOD of the relevant department, with digital signatures on each page. This should include any necessary photos or videos according to NMC rules.
  • A filled and signed Compliance Report by the Dean/Principal and HOD, also with digital signatures on each page. This report should address any deficiencies found, including AEBAS data.
  • If needed, a self-assessment for reconsideration of requested seats as per PG-Medical Education Regulation 2000.

These documents, along with AEBAS data, will be scrutinized by experts. Their findings and recommendations will then be sent to the Medical Assessment and Review Board (MARB) for the final decision.

Additionally, MARB has the authority to conduct surprise physical inspections to verify the details provided in the self-assessment form submitted by the college, as per the NMC Act, 2019.


Step 4: Final Decision

MARB will notify the medical college/institution of its decision within the specified timeframe.

  • If the entity has provided a verified bank guarantee and/or undertaking, they’ll receive a Letter of Permission (LOP) under sec 28(3) of the NMC Act, 2019.
  • Entities without a bank guarantee or undertaking at the time of application will receive a Letter of Intent (LOI) first. After providing and verifying the guarantee/undertaking, they’ll receive the LOP.
  • If a Show Cause Notice (SCN) is issued after reviewing documents, the college must submit a compliance report within the deadline. Upon receiving this report, the review process will continue.
  • Failure to meet minimum standards or rectify deficiencies will result in disapproval under sec 28(3) of the NMC Act, 2019.
  • Any non-compliance or intentional violation by the medical institution may lead to penalties under sec 26(f) of the NMC Act, 2019. Further investigation and opportunities for rectification may also be provided as necessary.


Step 5: Publication of Results

According to Chapter IV Section 25 of the ‘Establishment of medical institutions, assessment and rating regulations, 2023’, MARB will publish the latest annual assessment results and ratings of medical colleges/institutions on its website or other public platforms. This will be done after the entire evaluation process is completed and before the first round of counseling.

Additionally, MARB has the discretion to share relevant data of each college to promote transparency and provide information to all relevant stakeholders.