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What Is the Best Online Resource to Learn Pediatrics for UnderGrads

What Is the Best Online Resource to Learn Pediatrics for UnderGrads?

October 12, 2021

With more time spent online, many students are trying to be productive by enrolling in online pediatric courses. This not only helps gain more knowledge to further your career and studies but also provides an extra edge over other students. However, the dilemma is finding good pediatric courses that teach in an engaging, informative, and fun manner. To begin your search for the best pediatrician course, let us look at the various factors that make some online pediatric courses better than others:

  1. Method of Teaching – While most pediatrician courses consist of several online lectures, there are a few distinctions that you need to look for. For example, Pediatrics for UnderGrads by DigiNerve focuses on a blend of over 74 hours of video lectures by India’s top faculty. The Pediatrics course includes graphs, images, and other types of videos within these lectures. This can help boost focus and results in a more engaging learning environment.
  2. Method of Assessment – Some online pediatric courses aren’t that concerned about testing your knowledge and are more focused on simply feeding you information. However, the best pediatrician course is one that is equally concerned with your assessment to gauge whether or not you have learned enough and to identify which areas in your study are weak and need more attention. The best way to self-assess is through a pediatrics MBBS question bank, and Pediatrics for UnderGrads has a bank of over 1200 MCQs at the end of each lecture to ensure that you are stimulated and constantly being assessed.
  3. Supplementary Material – While lectures and Pediatrics MBBS question banks are important, there is another key factor- supplementary material provided to the students along with their Pediatrics clinical book. These include specific pediatrics study notes given along with lectures. Material like this will help information stick and makes the process of memorization much easier. To help students learn as much as possible, Pediatrics for UnderGrads provides 73 concise pediatrics study notes that can be easily and quickly scrolled to retain key information and get a last-minute boost.
  4. Faculty – Ultimately, an online pediatrics course will only be best if it’s developed and delivered by the top faculty. Luckily, Pediatrics for UnderGrads is taught by Dr. Santosh T Soans and Dr. Soundarya Mahalingam, each of whom is an expert in their field. Dr. Santosh has over 35 years of experience in Pediatrics, is a visiting consultant in some of the best hospitals in India, published a book, and has been awarded an honorary degree. Dr. Mahalingam has published over 26 articles related to Pediatrics and is affiliated with the Kasturba Medical College. To learn from such qualified faculty, all you need to do is enroll in Pediatrics for UnderGrads on DigiNerve.

Now that you know the factors to look for when trying to find the best pediatric courses, click here to go to DigiNerve’s Pediatrics for UnderGraduates.

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