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The Scope of MRCP after MBBS

January 22, 2021

The Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) is a postgraduate diploma in internal medicine in the United Kingdom. It’s a valuable qualification as it’s an internationally recognized diploma and is the shortest route to a career in medicine around the world. The exam tests students on their knowledge of basic medical sciences as well as the clinical skills required for the diagnosis and management of diseases. The MRCP is recognized in countries around the world, and valued especially in the UK, the UAE, Singapore, and Ireland. The MRCP is also recognised by UAE’s board and opens up opportunities to practice in the Middle East as well.

The MRCP is challenging and preparing for it takes months, since students usually take it while pursuing their post-graduation, but the advantages of obtaining a MRCP degree makes the pressure worthwhile. You cannot sit the MRCP exam without having completed 12 months of medical experience by the date of the examination, as the MRCP focuses on the real world applications of medical knowledge, measuring not just your theoretical knowledge, but your practical skills as well. It is designed to test your competence in medicine overall.

Once you have the certification, you can work as a consultant physician in a private hospital in India. However, another advantage of passing the MRCP medical exam is its recognition abroad.

If you want the opportunity of working abroad in the UK, the Middle East, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries, then the MRCP is the best qualification to have. The MRCP is a prerequisite to anyone wishing to go on to a specialist training post as a physician in the United Kingdom and in Australia. In the UAE, the MRCP is considered a super speciality degree, and consequently, those who have taken the MRCP are paid at par with super specialists. Doctors who pass the MRCP Exam can apply to jobs in any country that recognizes the degree abroad. Most countries welcome people who have professional degrees and can add value to the country and help its citizens. If you’re a doctor, you have a higher chance of being granted a work visa than most other jobs. If you think at some point you may want to live abroad, the MRCP is by far the best qualification to have.

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