NMC Revised Guidelines for Competency-Based Postgraduate Training Programme for PG Courses

November 30, 2022

As per the notification dated 20.06.2022, NMC has issued guidelines for the Competency-Based Postgraduate Training Programme for various broad and super specialty subjects. These guidelines have been made through subject expert groups and scrutinized by the Reconciliation Board cum Expert Group of NMC. It will be mandatory teaching learning material for all the colleges/institutions under NMC. There are some PG courses for which the NMC has revised the guidelines.

Following are the subjects/specialty for which the revised course curriculum guidelines for the Competency-Based Postgraduate Training Programme is made till date:

S.No. Course Specialization Link to the pdf of revised guidelines
1 MD Human Anatomy
2 MD Biochemistry
3 MD General Medicine>
4 MD Geriatrics
5 MD Immunohaematology
6 MD Microbiology
7 MD Nuclear Medicine
8 MD Paediatrics
9 MD Pathology
10 MD Pharmacology
11 MD Psychiatry
12 MD Physiology
13 MS Orthopaedics
14 DM Infectious Diseases
15 Diploma Psychiatry

The purpose of studying is to produce professionals who provide appropriate health care to the community and advance the cause of science through research, education, and teaching for the medical fraternity.

The purpose of the competency-based training program is to produce a certified physician whose required training should be able to effectively address the medical needs of society. Specialists in medical studies are also required to know the principles of research methodology and the ability to stay up to date with developments and practice evidence-based medicine. They should be trained to work synchronously with faculty members in medical super specialties and follow a holistic approach to nursing that would lead to the development of successful specialist doctors.

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