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Common Mistakes Microbiology Students Make _ How To Avoid Them

Common Mistakes Microbiology Students Make & How To Avoid Them?

May 31, 2021

No student is exempt from making mistakes, including MBBS students. Some mistakes such as over-confidence and under-confidence run common through all types of medical courses, and even beyond medicine itself. When you study microbiology online, there are several common mistakes that you can avoid to ensure success in your grades and career.

  1. Not Taking Proper Notes – During all lectures, diligently take your notes so that you retain information faster, have more content to revise through, and so that you don’t waste time later that could be used to prepare for the microbiology exam.
  1. Being under-confident or Over-confident – Under-confidence can lead to silly mistakes such as second-guessing yourself and wasting time poring over answers you’ve already written, both of which will make your experience with an online microbiology course a stressful one. Try to find pockets of time to relax after you have finished the required studying for each day as this will help set you in the correct mindset for the next day. Conversely, over-confidence may lead to inadequate revision or a lazy attempt.
  1. Lacking Perspective –You must the perspective that one grade or the result of one course plays very little significance in the larger medical journey to becoming a practicing doctor. Keep this in mind as you learn microbiology online to soothe your mind and increase productivity.
  1. Isolating oneself – Staying social while studying microbiology online may not seem like the easiest task but finding ways to connect with people, even remotely, can greatly help not only in making you feel better but also in encouraging learning. By creating a study group to prepare for a microbiology exam, or to just help study microbiology online, you can find like-minded people who encourage you to work harder.
  1. Ignoring Doubts – If your online microbiology course is a reliable one, your professor or mentor will be available for doubts and questions. Instead of holding your doubts in for fear of them being stupid or irrelevant, always ask them as you prepare for the microbiology exam. This will ultimately save you time in the long run, increase your knowledge, and help other students who may have had the same doubt.

Now that you know some common mistakes to avoid during online courses in microbiology, keep them in mind the next time you are in class. For one such system-based online microbiology course that allows students to ask their doubts, click here to view DigiNerve’s Microbiology for UnderGrads course.

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