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Everything You Need To Know About DigiNerve

May 31, 2021

DigiNerve is an online medical education platform from Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers and it is here to solve every student’s undergraduate and postgraduate tutoring needs. As of now, there are three categories of courses offered by DigiNerve, under which several more are available. There are medical exam preparation courses like ‘Cracking MRCP Part 1’ to help students ace their medical exams, specialization courses for a detailed study in a particular field like the IUI & Infertility course, and other undergraduate courses like Microbiology, and Orthopedics – with more courses launching constantly as per student requirements! The course content is not only quality-based, but is also brought to students easily and interactively, including using self-assessments, progress analysis, and specially curated notes while always focusing on concept-based learning. Here are a few other aspects of DigiNerve that set it above its competitors:

  1. Esteemed Faculty: Each course on DigiNerve is curated and taught by Gold Standard Faculty in each respective field. For example, ‘Cracking MRCP Part-1’ is taught by the highly acclaimed Dr. Gurpreet Singh Wander and Dr. Archith Boloor, each of whom has published research papers, taught at renowned medical universities, and have won awards for their skills. Similarly, ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ is structured and mentored by the distinguished faculty- Dr. Sonal Panchal and Dr. Chaitanya Nagori who have more than 20 years of experience, leading medical institutions and have published successful books on gynecology. Other faculty for the orthopedics and microbiology courses respectively include Vivek Pandey, an associate professor at KMC, and Dr. Apurba Sastry, the well-known author of several medical textbooks. Thus, all students can be assured that no matter which course they choose, DigiNerve has provided only the best instruction by the best faculty.
  1. Credible Content: Since all course content is structured by renowned faculty, all students get the latest medical breakthroughs, practically relevant material, and also have the benefit of the trusted 50-year medical legacy that Jaypee provides. All of this results in courses that have credible and valuable information to help all students not only ace their medical exams but also further their skills as doctors.
  1. Easy to Use: DigiNerve is designed to be as student-friendly as possible. With an efficient and detailed website and a virtual classroom experience that is based on interactivity, all students can access courses and navigate with ease. Further, students can reach their courses and content anytime and anywhere via the DigiNerve App, allowing all students to study on the go as well. All students also have 24×7 customer help that allows for quick clarification and assistance so precious study time is never wasted.
  1. Specialization Courses: Apart from providing students with courses to help them crack competitive exams, DigiNerve also has specialized courses for doctors looking to hone in on a particular skill, or for postgraduate students looking to get practical information to further their careers. One example includes the ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ course that provides students with ultrasounds knowledge that is essential for gynecology and radiology practice. It also specifically teaches cutting-edge fetal medicine knowledge to help doctors reach a diagnosis.
  1. International Certification: On completion of the specialized courses offered in MRCP, IUI, Infertility, and OBGYN, DigiNerve facilitates internationally recognized certificates for all students. Thus, boosting their CV, opening doors for higher pay, and allowing for the international practice of medicine. The regions abroad vary according to different course certificates but they include countries in the Gulf, Europe, Australia, and all across Asia. For some courses like the USG course, students on completion receive a certificate from the prestigious Ian Donald Inter-University School.

DigiNerve is unparalleled in the quality of courses offered, the range of material taught, the Gold Standard faculty who structure the courses, and the easily understandable interface. Thus, giving students helpful courses at a competitive price that allow for excellence in their exams and later practice. To get started with DigiNerve, click here to learn more about the various courses offered.

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