Medicine MD Course

Medicine MD Course

Everything You Need to Know About Medicine MD Course

November 22, 2023

Medicine MD is an e-learning course curated to cater to all the learning needs of medicine postgraduate students. The course is meticulously crafted and conceptualised under the guidance of the eminent Chief Editors, Dr. Jyotirmoy Pal and Dr. Shashank R Joshi; Advisory Editors, Dr. Girish Mathur and Dr. Gurpreet Singh Wander; and Associate Editors, Dr. Nandini Chatterjee, Dr. Jimit Vadgama, and Dr. Priyanka Shah.

The Medicine MD online course brings together the intelligence and clinical experience of more than 200 eminent experts in the field. The course not only serves as a complete guide to excel in final MD examinations but also accelerates your journey to becoming a skilled physician. It also provides you with the proper guidance to enhance your clinical expertise.

A wide number of medical disciplines are covered in this online medicine MD course, including rheumatology, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, hepatology, pulmonary and chest medicine, and many more. The course provides an organised learning environment that covers decision-making, long cases, short instances, and the fundamental sciences.

Course Inclusions

The Medicine MDonline course is meticulously crafted to provide youwith the following:

  • Video Lectures
  • Long Case Discussions
  • Short Case Discussions
  • Lecture Notes
  • Self-Assessment Questions
  • OSCEs
  • DxTx
  • Animated Videos
  • Interactive Drug Formulary
  • Regular Chat Shows
  • Benchmark Trials
  • Wise AI bot
  • Printed Notes

Key features

The following are the unique features that make our course one of the bestMedicine MDonline courses for PG students and residents:

  • To enhance the decision-making ability of the PG students/residents during their clinical practice, the course focuses on differential diagnosis and clinical methods.
  • The course has a few sections dedicated to history-taking and clinical methods, investigations in medicine, procedures in medicine, pharmacotherapeutics, and research methodologies.
  • To enhance the clinical skills of the learners, the course follows a case-based approach. The case-based lectures are highly illustrative and include differential diagnosis, management strategies, laboratory algorithms, treatment pathways, complications, prevention, patient care messages, and global and Indian recommendations.
  • Questions provided after each video lecture are strategically integrated for self-assessment which enhances comprehension and engagement. This also helps in better retention of the concept.
  • The integration of the 2D animations in the video lectures is visually appealing and hence helps understand the complex proceduresmuch more easily.
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs)are an essential tool for evaluating clinical competencies. These tests are available in video and flashcard forms throughout the course, allowing for quick review and self-evaluation in a manner similar to the actual exam.It is a standardised and impartial way to evaluate a candidate’s clinical abilities and competencies.
  • The Pharmacotherapeutics section provides information on medicine drugs and their mechanism through videos and a drug formulary. You may expedite your decision-making process by using the drug formulary to search for drugs based on indications, drug names, and pharmacological categorization. These medications are divided into three risk categories: high, moderate, and low using colour coding.A comprehensive, color-coded drug formulary with common brand names, doses, essential indications, and much more aids in quick revision and retention and helps a lot during residency.
  • DxTx,a special feature, a tool for rapid consultation, is represented by a human model that enables you to study important information with a single click. In an organised manner, you will get to learn about various bodily diseases along with their clinical features, pathophysiology, characteristics, diagnosis, treatment, indications, contraindications, and clinical trials. Moreover, complex etiopathological ideas are expertly explained using flowcharts when needed. This DxTx tool is in line with the NMC curriculum to help you excel in MD exams as well as competitive examinations.
  • Highly illustrative Medicine MD video lecturescover a wide range of topics, including fundamental sciences, long and short cases, and clinical decision-making.
  • To help you out with the MD exam preparation, the course follows a clinical and differential approachandprovide you with the compilation of long case discussions and short case discussion covering major medical topics and concepts.
  • The Medicine MD course provides well-illustrated lecture notes that will serve as a handy reference for students. Research papers that provide evidence are included after each topic to complement them.
  • Regular chat shows are conducted by India’s top medical faculty and subject experts.
  • To stay current with recent developments in the area, evidence-based papers, and benchmark trials have been included.
  • Wise AI chatbotis has a super amazing featured tool to give appropriate explanations of topics, treatment techniques, and more.It is a complete and interactive solution provider coupled with real published resources including books, journals, notes, and videos.
  • Printed Notesare designed to save your time by offering clear, exam-focused facts and visual learning at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of Enrolling in Medicine MD Course

The following are some benefits of enrolling inan online MD medicine course:

Flexibility: Online MD programs frequently allow you to study at your own pace and location. For medical professionals who could have erratic schedules or must juggle their academics and clinical duties, this flexibility is invaluable.

Accessibility: Students no longer have to relocate or commute to a certain place in order to enrollin the courses, which provide them with high-quality medical education.

Self-paced Learning: Students can advance at their own pace. This is very helpful for people who wish to learn more quickly or who require more time to understand complicated medical concepts.

Diverse Learning Materials: Online courses can include a large array of learning materials, such as video lectures, digital notes,printed notes, practice questions, and drug charts. These resources can accommodate various learning preferences and styles.

Cost-Effective: Since online MD programs do not need travel, lodging, or other related costs, they may be less expensive than on-site programs.

Networking Opportunities: Students enrolled in online MD programs frequently get to know to learn from eminent professors and peers across the nation. This may result in beneficial networking chances and exposure to other viewpoints inside the medical industry.

Since the area of medicine is everchanging, online programs more readily update their content to take into account the most recent findings and recommended practises.

Table of Content

The following is a list of modules included in the Medicine MD online course:

History Taking and Clinical Methods






Procedures in Medicine

Endocrinology and Diabetes

Pulmonary and Chest Medicine

Infectious Diseases






Critical Care Medicine

Envenomation and Poisoning

Allergy and Immunology




Research Methodology and Publications


Link to the complete TOC:Evidence-Based Medical Learning Now At Your Fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can medical courses be done online?

Ans. Of course, yes, you cantake medical courses online. Online medical courses by DigiNerveprovide you with this opportunity to learn medical courses online from India’s top faculty and subject experts. These online courses supplement your college studies and clinical training to a great extent.

Q2. Can I complete my MD in 2 years?

Ans. No, you cannot complete MD in 2 years in India. MD (Doctor of Medicine) is a three-year full-time postgraduate program.

Q3. Can I do an MD immediately after MBBS?

Ans. Yes, you can do MD directly after MBBS but you need to fulfill the general eligibility criteria and crack the PG entrance examination, such as NEET-PG and INI-CET.


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