Medical students juggling between NEET preparations, college exams, a heavy syllabus, and the stress of graduation don’t have the time to waste on courses that are boring, non-applicable in a field setting, and are filled with outdated information. Luckily, this new Orthopaedics for UnderGrad course satisfies all the major criteria that students may have – It is relevant, straightforward, and very accessible. With Dr. Vivek Pandey at the helm of course construction and instruction, all students get only the best knowledge from the best source. So, what does this course offer?

  1. Gold Standard Faculty: This Orthopaedics for UnderGrad course is taught by Dr. Vivek Pandey, an associate professor at Kasturba Medical College, who has also published 5 Orthopaedics textbooks and over 50 research publications. Further, he has won awards for excellence in teaching in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and will be bringing the same vigor to this course. Thus, students are taught by faculty that can provide up-to-date information that will be relevant to medical practices today along with a more holistic knowledge of Orthopaedics that only experts have.
  1. Application-Based Knowledge: This Orthopaedics course comprehensively covers all aspects of Orthopaedic knowledge – from theory to application, allowing for students to get a more nuanced understanding of Orthopaedics . It achieves this by encouraging active learning through MCQs integrated into lecture sessions to ensure that students reinforce their knowledge on the subject and are always being positively challenged. The information taught in the Orthopaedics for UnderGrads course will not only help students ace their exams but will also create a productive, engaging, and comprehensive learning environment.
  1. Detailed Course Structure: This Orthopaedics course is constructed to provide all students with a detailed understanding of the specialty but in an easily understandable way. This is achieved through over 50 hours of lecture videos, 1200 questions for students to attempt, and 86 lecture notes to be distributed that cover 86 Orthopaedics topics. Thus, all students get material that will help them ace their exams, become better doctors, and access exclusive study material and comprehensive content.
  1. Access to DigiNerve: The true ease of this course comes from the platform it is brought to you by, DigiNerve. All students can access course content anywhere at any time using the DigiNerve app and can now study on the go! Additionally, DigiNerve provides all students with 24/7 assistance to help clarify doubts at any time, ensuring that students never lose out on precious study time.

Although there are plenty of advantages of opting for the DigiNerve Orthopaedics for UnderGrads course, its relevance for students and the easy interface of DigiNerve ultimately set it apart from others. For students looking to reach a decision, here are a few quick points about the course specifics:

  • Follows the CBME (competency-based medical exam) curriculum that meets the requirements of the Medical Council of India’s undergraduate curriculum.
  • Provides the distinct advantage of allowing students to choose the specific courses that they need guidance on. Thus, providing students the opportunity to create their own custom study package.
  • The study plan focuses on practical case scenarios, providing students with unique knowledge.
  • 24/7 access to DigiNerve content.
  • Teaches students content that is also catered towards cracking the NEET exam while always maintaining a holistic vision.
  • The assurance of gold standard faculty with Dr. Vivek Pandey who has authored over 5 textbooks.

For students to get started with DigiNerve’s Orthopaedics for UnderGrads course, click here.