Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy is an in-depth course that has been structured to ensure focus on the clinical application of academic knowledge that will help hone gynecology skills. The Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy course is structured and mentored by the renowned Dr. Sonal Panchal and Dr. Chaitanya Nagori to ensure the highest quality of ultrasound education for all obstetricians and gynecologists looking to do ultrasounds for their own patients, or for radiologists who need to master gynecological and obstetric scans. At the end of the course, and on completing the certification exam, students will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate from Ian Donald University for their ultrasound skills. Thus, ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ is a must for all obstetricians and gynecologists who need to master the application of ultrasound in their routine practice. But why is this course worth it? Here are the reasons why this course is essential for all practitioners who need to excel in the art of ultrasound:

  1. Strong Foundation – With pioneer instructors, excellent lectures, and detailed notes in ultrasound, this course is the best way to build the foundations needed to start an independent clinic by teaching students the basics of ultrasound. By including all practical points and combining case demonstrations with video lectures, ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ is the most efficient way to develop ultrasound skills that are essential in the fields of gynecology and radiology. Further, the course covers 11 topics that have been carefully structured to give students premium ultrasound knowledge.
  2.  Highly Acclaimed Instructors – This stellar ultrasound course has extremely prestigious faculty attached to it, Dr. Sonal Panchal has more than twenty years’ worth of field experience as a consultant radiologist and also specializes in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology. Similarly, Dr. Chaitanya Nagori is the Director of Dr. Nagori’s Institute of Infertility and has published several books on Obstetrics and Gynecology. With these instructors at the helm, students are guaranteed expert education that can easily be applied in their practices.
  3. Prestigious Certification – On completing the ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ certification exam, students will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate from the Ian Donald Inter-University School of Medical Ultrasound. This distinguishment will set their practice apart greatly and will further their gynecology and obstetrics as well as provide the confidence they need to excel in their fields.
  4. Fetal Medicine Knowledge – Fetal medicine is a growing specialty that requires inspection by radiologists and obstetricians specifically to distinguish between normal and abnormal ultrasound scans. This specialization is exactly what will be taught in great detail, and with care in this course. By the end, students will learn all the practical points to be able to correctly diagnose these issues.
  5. Provides Required Ultrasound Knowledge – Confidence in conducting ultrasounds is needed by all doctors to be able to diagnose accurately and the ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ course will give them exactly that. The course has been constructed to provide doctors with pro-tips for diagnosing fetal abnormalities in ultrasounds, along with other patients with gynecological complaints. Due to this specialization, and through 8 hours of video lectures along with class demonstrations, hundreds of pages of notes, and 100 MCQs, students can complete the course with a newfound confidence in their ultrasound diagnostic skills. On top of that, these skills are being taught by highly specialized faculty that will ensure that all students learn the required knowledge for ultrasounds.

Now that you know the basics of the ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ course and the various methods employed to increase the confidence of all practitioners, here are a few important facts to know so that your journey can begin:

  1. Course Duration – This course will last for two months, during which 11 topics will be covered, and lecture videos, notes, and self-assessment questions will be distributed on the DigiNerve platform. At the end of the course, students will earn their certificate from the Ian Donald Inter-University School of Medical Ultrasound.
  1. Course Fee – This detailed and comprehensive ultrasound course, including tax, will cost Rs. 35,000 for which the students will receive all the material needed to give them the confidence and practical knowledge needed for practicing ultrasounds successfully.

Now that you have the information ready to make a decision, choose ‘Ultrasound in OBGYN Made Easy’ to give you the confidence and practical knowledge to ensure that you’re at the top of your field. The platform that this course is presented on, DigiNerve, is easy to understand, efficient, and is catered to every student’s needs. To enroll now, click here.