Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the eye and associated adnexa. Studying Ophthalmology in MBBS has now diversified with multiple subspecialties like cornea, ocular oncology, pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, and ocular pathology.

Most students get confused as to which topics to read first and emphasize more upon, how to plan the study, what practical aspects/skills are to be known and mastered, etc. If this is the case with you, the below tips to study Ophthalmology in MBBS will surely be your saviour:

Study from Trusted Content: The revised curriculum of Ophthalmology emphasizes core competencies and defines the domain of learning as well as the level to which a concept needs to be studied. Therefore, students must focus on finding the most updated and reliable content as per the latest advancements in the curriculum.

Watch Clinical Case Discussions: DigiNerve’s online Ophthalmology course is best for conceptual clarity through clinical case discussions. This course has been conceptualized and developed as per the new CBME curriculum. It includes a demonstration of basic history-taking and clinical examination of the eye in an elaborate lecture to acquaint the students with a comprehensive overview.

Practise questions from exam POV: Practise as many questions as possible to get maximum exposure for your exams. Seek content that prepares you for university exams as well as PG entrance examinations.

Learn from Top Faculty: Find study material by experts who cover the art of studying ophthalmology along with theory, practical, and NEET PG examinations. It’s best if the faculty give you a road map to approach the subject.

Study Ocular Examination in detail: Focus on anatomy and physiology in each topic and cover the pathogenesis of various diseases with a detailed explanation on how each condition will appear on the ocular examination. Find clinical, radiological images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes, wherever necessary to memorize better.

To watch Ophthalmology lectures for MBBS online, check out DigiNerve.


How can I study ophthalmology fast?

Refer to popular books and watch video lectures by trusted faculty. Images, flashcards, and flowcharts will help you remember what you’re learning.

Why is ophthalmology so competitive?

It’s not completely true, Ophthalmology is misunderstood to be far more competitive than it is. Conceptual clarity can make it easy to understand and clear exams.

How do I become an Ophthalmologist after MBBS?
One should complete his/her MBBS degree and then pursue post-graduation in Ophthalmology to become a qualified Ophthalmologist.

What does an Ophthalmologist do?
An ophthalmologist specializes in the treatment of illnesses, injuries, diseases, and conditions related to the eye.