The surgical discipline of orthopaedics is concerned with repairing abnormalities in the Musculoskeletal System. Orthopaedic surgeons are capable of treating birth abnormalities, arthritis, and damage caused by physical trauma to the bones using both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Here are the 7 ways to approach Orthopaedics as an MBBS student.

1. Pay Attention to the Syllabus Scope – An online orthopaedic course in India is only good if it covers vast concepts concisely. Pay attention not only to the orthopaedic book for medical students such as Maheshwari’s orthopaedics book, prescribed for the course but also to additional content that may be covered in lectures or videos. This can give students a better understanding of what they will learn throughout their course so that a better-informed decision can be made. DigiNerve’s Orthopaedics for UnderGrads includes hyper-specific lessons on neurological disorders, different types of fractures, and more.

2. Look for precise notes – Every course is equipped with certain content to make sure you read everything in a structure so that you retain it better. This helps in better understanding the course. DigiNerve provides you concise notes along with video lectures by Dr. Vivek Pandey who makes it easier and interesting with various case discussions.

Look for precise notes

3. Faculty – Orthopaedics for UnderGrads is taught by Dr. Vivek Pandey who specializes in orthopaedics surgery and is affiliated with Kasturba Medical College. He has won consecutive awards for specialty in the field and has even published over 53 times in international and national journals. To know more about this online orthopaedics course by India’s top faculty as mentioned above, checkout Orthopaedics for UnderGrads.

4. Method of Assessment – You can only truly understand the extent of your essential orthopaedics knowledge through several rounds of testing. Look for a course that combines good content with an excellent and continuous assessment to keep your memory fresh and ensure better retention. Orthopaedics for UnderGrads contains over 1200 practice questions on a variety of topics to ensure that you retain every bit of information.

5. Type of Teaching – Different people respond differently according to various methods of teaching. Orthopaedics for UnderGrads aims to cater to most students by providing over 50 hours of video lectures, 51 lecture notes, and clinical case-based discussion using various practical scenarios for a more holistic understanding of the subject.

6. Reviews – The safest bet will always be to check what other students think of the course that you’re considering taking. So make sure to research honest and detailed reviews.

7. Personal Choice – Ultimately, choosing which online orthopaedic course in India you want to go with will be your choice. Compare different orthopaedic study guides along with different online platforms and note all of the tips listed above for a well-informed decision.

To understand the essential orthopaedics, many students are now resorting to online orthopaedic courses in India at an affordable cost. To help you navigate orthopaedics and find the most comprehensive orthopaedic study guide, these tips would do wonders for you.

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