Medicine is a vast subject and the majority of students struggle to get conceptual clarity because the syllabus is extensive and requires a significant amount of time. Therefore, it’s important to go by a schedule and stick to it keeping a significant time for revision. The tips mentioned below will help you study Medicine for NEET PG/NEXT Exam.

Strengthen Procedural Skills: The question pattern in the medical entrance exams is case-based. Therefore, strengthening procedural skills will help a lot at the time of examination. So, try to get maximum exposure with Case-based discussions which are given paramount importance in NEET PG/NEXT Exam.

Understand the Management Plan: Clear your basics from diagnosis to management plan of various diseases. Focus on reviewing the medical history and performing clinical examinations. This is best explained in DigiNerve’s Medicine for UnderGrads, an online medicine course that is designed and mentored by Dr. Archith Boloor. Here, you can find the best lecture videos on medicine including tips and tricks focusing on what examiners expect from students and how to approach exams efficiently.

Memorize with IBQs & VBQs: Rely on material that is richly illustrated with clinical, radiological images along with flowcharts, tables, and boxes. This is necessary to enhance the understanding of the viewers and helps in a quick recall.

Study conditions system-wise/specialty-wise: Case taking and clinical examination form the basis of the practice of medicine. Learn from discussions on the basics of system-wise examination. This will prepare you for clinical settings.

Know the Formats: Go through explanations on case sheet formats and diagnosis formats. Get clarity on ECG and X-rays with the help of case discussions and assess the identification points for various pathologies with investigations.

Attempt Previous Year Question Papers: Self-assess with the help of high-yield topics online and through previous year question papers. Practise as many MCQs as possible; one such platform that can provide you with over 2500+ MCQs is DigiNerve. These questions will suffice the need of students preparing for NEET, USMLE, PLAB, or any post-graduate exam.

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Can you get NEET score of 600 in 3 months?

It is not simple to achieve a 600 NEET score in three months, but it is achievable if you decide to do so and fully commit to it.

How many months do you need to prepare for NEET PG?

The preparation for NEET PG starts from the very first day. Keep attempting MCQs, and mock tests and practice a lot of clinical case scenarios.

Is the NEET PG score valid for 3 years?

NEET-PG scores are valid for 3 years only if you are applying for a college outside of India as the process might take longer, otherwise, it’s only valid for 1 year in India.

Does NEET PG have negative marking?

Yes, there is a negative marking on it. For each incorrect response, -1 is deducted, and for each unanswered question, 0.