NEET PG Cracking Tips

Is it possible for a guaranteed rank in NEET PG while studying MBBS?

September 3, 2021

You may get a guaranteed rank by following simple NEET PG Cracking Tips mentioned below:

  1. Take notes constantly – Taking notes while studying can help filter important information and acing NEET PG Preparation. This ensures an effective revision just before the NEET PG exam. Try looking through your study notes every day after class because it’s simpler to review key ideas from your study notes than the book right before the NEET PG exam.
  2. Create a smart study schedule — For NEET PG Preparation, learn the exam pattern by attempting past years’ question papers, or sign up for DigiMocks to take Pre-clinical, Para-clinical, and Clinical mock exams for a real-time simulation. DigiMocks increase your confidence in your ability to solve issues on time during the test. Spending too much time on subjects about which you are certain is a waste of time. Many NEET PG Toppers follow this trick.
  3. Select the right resources to study from– Often students go on a searching spree for extra study resources. However, it is extremely important to stick to the textbook and the author to avoid discrepancies in the content. Therefore, DigiNerve provides video lectures by the authors themselves such as Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology lectures, Dr. Harsh Mohan’s Pathology lectures, and Dr. Archith Boloor’s Medicine lectures along with medical study notes and MCQs. Medical Students can get their concepts cleared from India’s top faculty to ace university medical exams and NEET PG 2021 with flying colors.
  4. Clear your doubts sooner rather than later – Never let your doubts fester. It is preferable to resolve your doubts ahead of time rather than regretting them afterward in the exam hall. Never be afraid to ask classmates or professors questions. Get your NEET questions answered on the DigiNerve app student forum, which is directly tied up with prominent faculty.
  5. Revision – A comprehensive revision is the most crucial part of your NEET PG preparation. It will help you to memorize NEET PG topics after they have been clarified. Make use of your NEET PG Exam notes and try to answer as many MCQs as you can. Focus exclusively on the subjects in which you are weak and then, cover the entire NEET PG syllabus allotting time to each subject as per difficulty. This strategy will certainly improve your chances of getting a good NEET PG Exam score in 2021.
  6. Practice mock tests every day – A real-time simulation of the exam is necessary to ensure that nothing comes as a surprise during the NEET PG exam. Taking online medical exams can help you get more comfortable with the review pattern, allowing you to assess your speed and improve time management. Attempt mock tests with DigiMocks where subject-wise mock tests help you assess your knowledge and evaluate your weak areas.

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