MRCOG Part 2: Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Timetable, Fee Structure


MRCOG Part 2: Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Timetable & Fee Structure

January 9, 2023

MRCOG Part 2 is a written examination aimed at assessing the application of knowledge of medical aspirants in clinical scenarios.

MRCOG Part 2 Exam Pattern

  • MRCOG Part 2 is a computer-based test.
  • The CBT consists of two papers. Both papers are worth the same number of points, hence, paper 1 and paper 2 each account for 50% of the final grade. There are two different question types on each paper:
  1. Single-Best Answers (SBAs) account for 40% of the final grade.
  • Each question includes the following:
    • A lead-in statement, i.e., question.
    • A-E represents the five options on the list.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • Incorrect answers are marked zero.
  1. Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) account for 60% of the final grade.
  • Each question includes a lead-in statement, which tells you clearly what to do with a list of 10-14 possible options to choose from.
  • Even though it may seem like there are multiple options, you must only select the option with the highest likelihood.
  • There is no negative marking.

Timetable of MRCOG Part 2

Paper 1 and Paper 2
Particulars Description
Duration 3 hours (180 minutes) for each paper
Number of questions 50 SBAs and 50 EMQs for each paper
Lunch break (approximately one hour) between both the papers

Time Management Tip:
The RCOG advises devoting 110 minutes to EMQs and 70 minutes to SBAs.

Distribution of Marks

The SBAs and EMQs share a single pass mark. There is a composite pass grade that is established by establishing standards for each exam.

A total of 40% of the final grade is determined by the SBA component, and 60% is determined by the EMQ component. As a result, applicants must devote roughly 40% of their time to the SBA component and roughly 60% to the EMQ component.

How to Apply for MRCOG Part 2?

Eligibility of MRCOG Part 2

  • In order to be eligible to sit for the MRCOG Part 2 exam, candidates must first pass the MRCOG Part 1 exam.
  • Candidates who have passed the Part 1 MRCOG after March 2013 need to attempt the Part 2 MRCOG within 7 years of their exam date.
  • To enter to UK Specialist register, you must clear both part 1 and part 2 within 6 attempts only.

How many times are you allowed to retake each test?

No matter when they make their first attempt, candidates are only allowed a total of 6 chances to pass the MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 tests.

How to book the MRCOG Part 2 exam?

  1. Expression of Interest

Candidates are required to fill Expression of Interest form, within the stipulated time.

  1. MRCOG Part 2 Exam Calendar

The MRCOG Part 2 exam is conducted twice a year, one of which is on 17th January 2023 and the other on 5th July 2023.


Closing Date for Expression of Interest form 14 October 2022 (Friday)
Opening Date for Booking window application 10 November 2022 (Thursday)
Closing Date for Booking window application 15 December 2022 (Thursday)
Exam Date 17 January 2023 (Tuesday)
Result Declaration 21 February 2023 (Tuesday)


Closing Date for Expression of Interest form 16 March 2023 (Thursday)
Opening Date for Booking window application 27 April 2023 (Thursday)
Closing Date for Booking window application 09 June 2023 (Friday)
Exam Date 05 July 2023 (Wednesday)
Result Declaration 01 August 2023 (Tuesday)

MRCOG Part 2 Examination Fee

Location Fees (2023)
UK and Republic of Ireland £523
Band A £631
Band B (India comes under this category) £544
Band C £434

Points to Note for the Fee Structure:

  • India comes under Band B. Thus, the fee for the candidates having exam centres in India is £544 which is equivalent to INR 54,285.67. The amount in the Indian currency varies as per the currency change.
  • Payments are linked to the country’s bandings of international membership fees.
  • Banding applies to the center where you take the exam, not the candidate’s country of residence.
  • You can check out on the official website that in which band your exam centre country falls under3. Choose a Country and Book into the Pearson VUE test centre

After the successful submission of the Expression of Interest form, candidates will receive an email regarding the opening date of the application window.

Candidates will then have to choose the examination country and pay the required exam fee. Then the candidates will be asked to select the Pearson VUE test centre in the respective country they have chosen and paid for.

MRCOG Part 2 Pass Marks

The standard setting is done to ensure fair examination and to accurately determine the candidate’s performance. The pass marks and the pass rate vary according to exam sitting as there is no fixed level or quota.

Angoff Method: The Angoff Method entails the evaluation of each question by a group of subject matter experts (O&G Consultants in NHS practice), who then estimate the likelihood that a borderline applicant would know the answer. The final pass mark is calculated by averaging these estimates and adding them to the measurement standard error. A measurement of an assessment’s accuracy is its standard error of measurement. It serves as a function of both the standard deviation of observed results and the test’s reliability and reveals the degree of variability in a test given to a group.

Linear Equating: In order to guarantee identical standards across subsequent examination diets, the linear equating method is used. By assessing and comparing candidate performance on a small number of “anchored” (repeated) and un-anchored questions, this technique adjusts for the relative difficulty of the papers by comparing the current results to those of previous diets.

How long should you wait to take the following MRCOG Part?

  • Candidates who passed the MRCOG Part 1 after March 2013 must retake the exam within seven years after the MRCOG Part 2 exam date.
  • The seven-year period is pro rata. This indicates that for trainees enrolled in less than full-time training or who take a break from training, the 7-year duration is proportionally extended, up to a maximum of 10 years.
  • Candidates who passed Part 1 of the MRCOG in March 2013 or earlier must sit for Part 2 of the MRCOG within 10 years of passing Part 1.
  • Candidates who complete Part 2 of the MRCOG must take Part 3 of the MRCOG within 7 years (prorated) of the Part 2 exam date.
  • The amount of time between attempts for the MRCOG Part 2 or Part 3 is not limited.
  • It is possible to take the Part 1 MRCOG before beginning UK specialist training.
  • The MRCOG Part 2 must be taken within 10 years of the exam date of the candidate’s passed MRCOG Part 1 if they do not desire to be included in the UK Specialist Register.

There is no time limit on how frequently applicants may retake MRCOG Part 2 or Part 3 if they do not want to be added to the UK Specialist Register.

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