Gynecology and obstetrics

Top 10 Colleges for Obstetrics and Gynecology in India

Top 10 Colleges for Obstetrics and Gynecology in India

September 6, 2022

Gynecology and obstetrics both focus on the female reproductive system. Gynecology deals with non-pregnant women whereas Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and the procedures and issues that go along with it, thus obstetrics deals with both the mother and the infant. To lower the risk of newborn disease and mortality, obstetricians closely collaborate with pediatricians and neonatologists on newborn care. They also remove cancers, fibroids, etc, surgically, although many gynecological problems require hormonal and other pharmacological therapy too.

What an obstetrician does:

The duties obstetricians carry out consist of:

  • Obstetricians are in charge of collaborating with midwives to monitor and support a woman’s natural birth while she is in labor.
  • One of their roles is to execute an episiotomy, which entails making precise cuts over the pregnant woman’s perineum to widen the birth canal.
  • In some cases, assistance may be required to hasten protracted delivery to lessen maternal exhaustion and infant suffering (rising heart rate and possible brain damage to the baby). This makes use of methods like vacuum-assisted birth and forceps delivery.
  • Caesarean (or C) section, calls for the baby to be surgically removed from the mother’s womb to lessen difficulties during labor. If a C-section is not used to hurry the delivery, difficulties could ultimately result in the baby’s death or physical harm.
  • Therapy and diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. When the fertilized ovum is implanted somewhere other than the womb, it results in an ectopic pregnancy. It frequently ends up in the fallopian tubes.

What a gynecologist does: 

Gynecologists employ a variety of diagnostic and curative techniques. The following are a few of the common gynecological procedures:

  • Hysterectomy or uterus removal
  • Removing ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes are removed during surgery
  • Hysteroscopy and colposcopy involve employing tools like endoscopes to inspect the uterus’ inside.
  • Taking care of uterine fibroids
  • Identifying and treating sexually transmitted diseases
  • Diagnosing menstrual issues, such as absence, severe bleeding, irregular or no periods, etc.
  • Examination of the reproductive organs with ultrasound.

Objectives of Learning OBGYN

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department offers modern, comprehensive screening and therapeutic techniques in a sympathetic environment for women in all stages of life.

In addition to regular gynecology procedures and medical treatments, a dedicated team provides cutting-edge motherhood facilities for routine and high-risk pregnancies, post-delivery and family planning services, sterility screening and handling, and all endoscopic gynecological operations.

Moreover, the department addresses high-risk pregnancies using prenatal diagnostic tests such as infant color doppler, amniocentesis, and velocimetry investigations. It also includes colposcopy, pap smear, and HPV-CO testing for going through menopausal women for cancer screening.

Aspirants can get a variety of profitable jobs in India and overseas by enrolling in this course. You can pursue additional education, such as research studies at prestigious universities and research institutions. Medical specialties like gynecology, cancer, critical care, reproductive endocrinology, or maternal-fetal medicine are all open to you as a career option. In India, postgraduate training in obstetrics and gynecology is either a three-year master’s program or a two-year diploma program. You can pursue a sub-specialty training program in fellowships after finishing your residency training.


In their fourth year of MBBS, undergraduate students who are studying OBGYN participate in case discussions in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. A medico must also do a one-month OBGYN internship in addition to this. They receive instruction in the labor room, family planning OPD and OT, and obstetrics and gynecology OPD’s wards and OTs throughout their internship.


A three-year, full-time postgraduate programme in OBGYN aims at training students to provide care to each patient, both pregnant and non-pregnant, as well as a thorough superior assessment of the entire medical pathology associated with the female reproductive organs.

Students learn about the most recent society standards, benchmark studies, breakthroughs in PCOS, robotic surgery, and conducting clinical examinations in OBGYN MD course. In the specialty clinics, OPD, wards, labour rooms, and operating rooms, they perform the necessary tests, interpret the results, and carry out medical/surgical management. They are taught to assess pregnancy-related issues using medical skills, find solutions, and provide pertinent prognoses.

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Ph.D. Scholars of OBGYN

Every Ph.D. candidate has the privilege of choosing their specialty area from a list that includes fetal development and growth, hereditary and genomics, gestational diabetes, parental hepatitis, preeclampsia, prenatal analysis, and screening. Additionally, topics like urogynecology, endometriosis, endometrium, and establishment, prenatal cancer, and genital level are also discussed.

List of Top 10 Colleges for OBGYN in India

Here is the most recent list of top obstetrics and gynecology colleges in India that have earned official NMC recognition. These universities have the highest rankings and are even regarded as the most reputable universities in India

S.No. Name of College Affiliation
1 Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi Delhi University
2 Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Deemed University), Manipal
3 Jawaharlal Institute Of Postgraduate Medical Education And Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry Pondicherry University
4 Christian Medical College, Vellore The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai
5 Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
6 Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Deemed University), Manipal
7 Christian Medical College, Ludhiana Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot
8 Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research (Deemed to be University), Chennai
9 SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kancheepuram SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai
10 Dr. DY Patil Medical College Pune Dr. D Y Patil University (Deemed), Pimpri, Pune


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Why you should think about becoming an OBGYN?

There is a great opportunity in the medical sector, particularly for OBGYNs, as the need for healthcare professionals is on the rise. Below are a few reasons why you should consider pursuing a career in OBGYN.

  • Rising demand for OBGYNs

The need for female OB/GYNs has grown dramatically over the past few years, despite the perception that the health care industry is dominated by men. Today, more women than ever before are asking to consult a female specialist. Talking to other women comes more easily to women, especially when discussing sexual or pregnancy difficulties. Additionally, since more than 70% of residents are now women, supply and demand favor female OBGYNs.

  • Great Earnings

The field of Obstetrics and Gynecology holds a bright future and is one of the most prestigious. Gynecology is currently one of the most lucrative medical professions. It is possible to work in government organizations, clinics, private practices, and universities, as well as in the most prestigious hospitals in India. Additionally, the candidate could open a surgical clinic. Obstetrician/Gynecologist salary in India ranges from ₹10 Lakhs to ₹ 36 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 199 salaries received from Gynecologists, particularly from a large hospital network.

  • Fulfillment at work

One of the reasons people have named OBGYN as the most fulfilling profession in the healthcare industry is because bringing new life into this world is indeed a great sight to behold. As an OBGYN, you’ll have the opportunity to be regularly involved in childbirth and assist new mothers in making decisions that will impact the health of the infant.Only a few OBGYNs specialize in high-risk pregnancies. Patients with preterm births, a history of miscarriages, or antenatal problems that could complicate childbirth are cared for by these specialists. You’ll also have the ability as an OBGYN to advance the industry by developing novel techniques and procedures that may one day be considered best practices.

  • Jobs & Career
You should gain as much practical experience as you can if you want to work in the OBGYN field. In recent years, the demand for competent workers has increased. You can work in government and private hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities, pharmaceutical firms, universities, and many other locations after completing the course. The program is unquestionably well-regarded, career-focused, and rewarding. This opens up opportunities for a wide range of careers, including those in critical care medicine, reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology, female pelvic medicine, professorships, clinical associateships, junior consultants, senior residents, consultants, general practitioners, researchers, private practitioners, government doctors, and private clinicians. The OBGYN can also pursue research and further education at universities and research institutes.
  • Salary
When compared to the commercial sector, the government sector offers attractive wage packages in this field. Gynecologists typically earn up to 5 lacs per year when they begin their careers. Depending on expertise, a gynecologist with experience could make up to Rs. 25 to Rs. 36 Lacs annually. In a government hospital, salaries are determined by the average salary and grade set by the government. Those who run their clinic can make far more money than they anticipated depending on their background, reputation, and level of success.
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