What should I do if I forget my password?

Click on Sign In > Forgot Password > provide your mail id > Reset password through password reset link sent on your mail.

What should I do if I am locked on OTP screen on Mobile App / Webpage?

Click on Resend Code on the verification code box to get a mail with a new verification code.

Is the price of the plan inclusive of tax?

Yes, the price is inclusive of GST.

Can I claim a Refund?

You can take a free trial of our courses before making a buying decision. We, therefore, do not allow for any refunds. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

How many devices can I login from?

You can use DigiNerve from any number of devices. However, the login is possible only from one device at any given time.

Can I connect with Faculty directly for query response?

Yes, with an Active Trial or an Active Paid Subscription, you can raise all your doubts addressing the Course Faculty through the “Ask a Doubt” feature.

Can I Bookmark Videos, Notes, Question? Where can these bookmarks be accessed?

Bookmarking on Videos is available. Bookmarking on Questions is in pipeline and may be available soon. These Bookmarks can be accessed on Mobile App > Home > Explore > Bookmarks.

Can I download the content to my device for offline viewing?

Yes, the course content can be downloaded to and viewed on your mobile device with the mobile app.

Why does the video play only on the mobile app?

Videos are currently available on mobile and tablet only as they enable learning anytime, anywhere.

Can I stream Videos to Laptop, PC, TV?

This feature is not available due to security reasons.

Is there a limit to Video watching duration in my course?

Yes, usage limits can be viewed on Profile menu under My Quota.

If I consume my video hour limit, can I buy more video hours?

This feature is currently unavailable; however, we make sure that we allow you enough video hours credits so that you don’t have to worry about exhausting them. In the unlikely event of such a scenario, you may buy a new subscription.

Can I switch my subscription to another subject?

You can take a free trial of our courses before making a buying decision. Switching of subscription, once bought, is not permitted.

Can I switch my subscription to another plan in the same subject?

You can buy another subscription after the expiry of your existing subscription. We currently do not allow plan upgrade.

Can I share my subscription?

Your subscription is for your own fair learning use only.

Can I pause my subscription?

The subscription cannot be paused.

Is DigiNerve compatible with all Computer & Mobile Operating Systems?

DigiNerve is compatible with all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows & MacOS. However, content access on each of the devices may vary for different products.

Can I order a printed book from DigiNerve?

If a course is bundled with printed book, that will be delivered to the address you provide at the time of billing. Book price and freight charges are included in the price of bundled products.

Are the Notes on DigiNerve available in Printed format?

Notes on DigiNerve can be accessed on your devices only.

Can I take screenshots of Notes and circulate in my friend’s group?

Taking screenshots is prohibited. If done, it will trigger a mail to system admin with your user id.

Will the content be updated during my subscription period?

We may add more content to your existing subscription, which can be accessed without paying any extra charges.

If I change my mobile number or email address, will my subscription be affected?

The change of mobile number or email address should be brought to our attention at care@diginerve.com, as that is linked to your user id.

Why can’t I see subtitles in the videos?

The subtitles may be added to videos in due course of time.

Can I change speed during the video playback?

Yes. Speed selection is available at the bottom of Video Player during the video playback.

How do I give my feedback on a Video?

You can use the Thumbs Up/Down icon on Video Player to give a feedback on any video. In case of thumbs down, you can write your comment as well.

Are the Videos available in Hinglish?

All courses are currently available only in English. However, we will notify as soon as we add any other language.

How many times can I attempt the MCQs / Question Banks?

The limits on attempts, if any have been mentioned in the Course Details.